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  1. I think he is talking about the USS America....could be wrong though :) Semper Fi
  2. dont forget credit card numbers and bank account numbers :D Semper Fi
  3. no offense taken..:)...wrote that post very late :)...but seriously i hope that all of the people in this forum think America is a land of dolts..they just happened to find the stupid ones for this video... Semper Fi
  4. LOL everything is frigging Australia!! good stuff....god theirs some stupid people in this country Semper Fi
  5. wow that looks cool!!....question for those of you who have the vector expansion...is it worth it? Semper Fi
  6. He was just taking off...if you didnt notice from the movie :)...great stuff....little different this time which is always nice Semper Fi
  7. ok cool...i like having the R-77 on there :)...first mission is giving me fits...not too good with the Su-33 just yet..:) Semper Fi
  8. Thomas one question...noticed that one at least one load out i had r-77's..is this correct or a typo?...missions look great btw!! Semper Fi
  9. Sumo its zipped twice as it is right now....open the zip and then you'll see a second zip...extract this somewhere and use LOMAN to install..I ran into the same problem Semper Fi
  10. Is there any way someone could make some Su-33 multiplayer missions?...starting to really like the carrier ops and my buddy and I would like to be able to get a few good 33 missions for multiplayer...mission pack looks great Thomas!! Semper Fi
  11. can anyone put this up on e-donkey? dl isnt work anymore..:( Semper Fi
  12. hey i remember that....that was in Miramar!! I remember seeing that go on...frigging Airfield open 24 hours!! Semper Fi
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