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  1. Hey all , Just playing around with an idea and was wondering if there is any type of script where an action within a mission can will trigger a windows process to run which is no relevant to DCS . A simple example would be when a unit is destroyed a batch file is run . Thank you !
  2. Just downloaded and tried the new versiom but it is bugged... Pitch does not work . You pull joystick back and you see the airelon animation glitching out and does not go up or down.. Tried re assigning axis etc but it is something to do i think the with the mod ...
  3. T-Pap

    Community A-4E-C

    This update made this aircraft amazing ! So much fun to fly as well as the enhanced sounds and the FM make it a great experience now !
  4. T-Pap

    Community A-4E-C

    yes i think it is an issue with the supercarrier !
  5. T-Pap

    Community A-4E-C

    I have an issue with the latest version. When being hooked up to the catapult, the pilot suffers a blackout for 4-5 seconds as if experiencing too many G's when the hook is attached .
  6. So done quite alot of testing , The issue is mostly with the F-35 B and C versions as a mod. Harriers tend to land and takeoff without issue. They crash on takeoff if they are overloaded due to DCS or Harrier bug to do with throttle and nozzles. They crash on landing only if they have not used their weapons. They must be light in order to land vertically (which is something they have to do anyway) The F-35A Takes off and lands mostly without issue. The B and C Variants have the problem and it is to do with the script that governs the landing procedure. I;'ve sent a me
  7. I'm going to try and make a new lua for the takeoff and landings based on the illustrious and see if it changes anything!
  8. Well spotted thankyou ! Amazing what minor misseplling of a texture file can cause havoc haha Have just updated the user files with the corrected path ! Please re-download
  9. I just tried it out and all F-35s land and taxi to their designated positions without issue. Two things i can think of is : 1: The mod for the f-35 you have is outdated 2: you have another mod somewhere that might be messing with the landing scripts , Send me a PM with the prob you have and ill see if I can replicate . For the F-35 mod i suggest you use this : https://filehorst.de/folder.php?key=drM4dWUf This is the official VSN F-35 mod as potinted out to me aswell by Rudel_chw furthe up , and works on the carrier in my tests !
  10. Update has been uploaded to userfiles : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315024/ Missing rudder texture corrected !
  11. HMS Queen Elizabeth is now online and can be downloaded here : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315024/ From tomorrow I get back to working the Vulcan Have made some more progress with the cockpit soon will be testing the cockpit and model lighting. Pics coming soon
  12. She is ready ! Just been submitted and should e available soon via the user files Just delivered to the user files section . Waiting approval and should be downloadable very soon !
  13. I have a weird issue where the aircraft load but with no cockpit. The cockpit model doesnt load despite having the FC3 module etc .Any ideas ?
  14. She flies Base code and lua's in place. I got her dressed up in her white livery until she is ready for a proper test with the cockpit as well !
  15. The amount of work a full fidelity model requires is immense and requires a shed-load of processes .Especially considering the analog complexity of the Vucan , it would require to be done as a full time job . What I am making will have the run of the mill animations on gauges , doors etc butat the end of the day for now this is a side hobby. Ideally I am looking with the Vulcan to reach a state as close as possible to that of the Hercules mod .
  16. Dial placement/replacement day! Lights , knobs , swicthes getting placed over the base texture used for correct placement. Luckily I have some good quality pics i took of my visit to a Vulcan from some years back and will be using them in the model to add that photorealistic look.
  17. I have a vague idea of how to mod sounds and will definitely be trying to add it. Afterall that is also one of the most iconic parts of the plane , that and the immense engine roar !
  18. I'm actually just cleaning up the landing and takeoff scripts and will release a first version with some generic texturing this weekend
  19. Yeap , i've fixed that , made a mistake with the coordinates of the runway heading ! The VSN one - https://filehorst.de/folder.php?key=drM4dWUf
  20. Fear not , I have a cunning plan
  21. I plan to bomb the map in style ! hahaha
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