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  1. Same issue on the G1 also. I Find looking to the side when it begins, makes the SteamVR background come though, so I don't have to stare are the Flickering. Should really be an epilipsy warning about this too. Nate
  2. I've been using this since I discovered it on Reddit a few weeks ago. It fixes my main gripe with my Reverb G1 in providing better colours. But the leap in detail was a very unexpected bonus. Can't use VR without it now. Nate
  3. Anybody got a working link for this? Nate
  4. Yes indeed - looks much better now! Thanks for hearing us. Nate
  5. That's a good analysis of the layout issues. It's incoherent at present. Nate
  6. I'll Echo others - too much wasted space on screen. Nate
  7. I had that when I didn't have the correct modifier in the modifiers list. Nate
  8. Ahh - I would settle for this ^^^ I'm actually surprised at how annoying the lack of bore-sight is to me. It's really trivial but I hate it :) Nate
  9. Crash asking for NVGs in South Ossetia Pirates mission (and probably others, didn't test). -Start mission and ask ground crew for NVGs = crash Nate
  10. Heheh I think I should have worked the OP better... :) Is that a "Certainly" for "am I wasting my time with a 2070 super?" or "will a 2070super let me enjoy VR in DCS albeit with lowered settings?" Nate
  11. I'm planning new build + Reverb - am I wasting my time with a 2070 super? looking at a Ryzen 7 3700X w 64gb 3200C16 and a 2070 super. I'm Thinking along the lines of a 3080Ti eventually but for now to get up and running will a 2070super let me enjoy VR in DCS albeit with lowered settings? Edit:- 64gb is for home labbing VMs for work etc. Nate
  12. I get that if I wake my PC from Sleep - It lags every 10 seconds. I can only run DCS after a fresh reboot. Actually now that I think of it , your problem does sound like something kicking off in the background like windows defender or windows update. Nate
  13. I note that if you go to the mission planner first and back out - the mission performs as expected. Nate
  14. Inter mission saves would better than nothing I suppose. But still a kick in testicles, when a multi hour mission crashes. Nate
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