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  1. In a search for center-mount seat concepts, I stumbled across a pilot's seat complete with a 5-point harness sitting in someone's garage, and for too good of a deal to pass up. Here is a quick-attach assembly for the flight stick. Probably a month out, but the next project is to build a base for the seat and a quick-attach for a rudder plate.
  2. Hello All, I was sitting with a keyboard in lap back in October and reached a tipping point. I was tired of looking down to find keys, constantly breaking immersion. So, I started buying switches and laying them out on carboard cut-outs. Two months later, and this is where I'm at. Next is the task of hooking things up in a methodical way (I am an engineer, and it should be noted that the real world F/A-18 HOOK lever is attached to the sim base via personally milled aluminum adapter). I will be sporadically posting images in the months to come. It won't be much of a "Ho
  3. Update, it was the Navy Equipment mod.....I should have known better. :balloon:
  4. Okay, on the way to finding the problem. - Confirmed that the files in CoreMods/Tech/USS-Nimitz are 2.6 GB - I have some mods in the Saved Games directory and wiping that seems to have fixed the issue Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello, I pre-ordered the Super Carrier and installed it close to the initial release, but life events meant that I have not had a chance to fly until today. However, for some reason the carrier appears to be absent from the simulator. Whenever I start a flight, the carrier and any associated deck aircraft are simply not there. Usually all I find is some poor SH-60 flying by itself in the middle of the ocean. Here are a few things I have tried: - From DCS installer, update to latest Beta and run a repair install - From DCS module manager, delete and then re-install Supercarrier
  6. Support | AIRIO Hello, I recently purchased VAICOM with the AIRO extension; I was able to get VAICOM installed and working correctly, but AIRIO does not appear to be working. The symptoms are; when I give a command (e.g. 'RIO Startup') VoiceAttack reports "Unrecognized command 'RIO Startup' " (See Commands 2.png). If I go to the profile setup, the six lines in 'Extension Packs' are present, but none of the Jester related commands are present (525 total commands). However, if I go to the Editor Tab there are 834 commands that include the AIRIO commands. Things I have done/Tried
  7. Super, Thank you for the quick response!
  8. That description sounds like a 'Close' search mode. This is from the manual Page 333 AREA search Used when the target position (ATP) is known. The missile will search within an area near the ATP. Size of the area can be pre-set via the addressed data in four categories, precision, small, medium and large. Search altitude of the missile is dependent on the set area size. If the distance to the ATP is less than 2 km, mode CLOSE is automatically engaged. BEARING Used when only the bearing to target is known. Radar will sweep in an increasing arc from a narrow search up to ±35°.
  9. Hello, I am trying to better understand how to setup a bearing search mode for the RB 15F. - From my understanding, the Bearing search occurs along the vector made from Bx7 to Bx8, after the turn from Bx6 to Bx7 has been completed. Here is the Setting I've Tried Bearing Preset VALB - TAKT IN - 800004 - LS - AKT POS UT The test I have been running is a five ship formation, trying to strike a central/embedded target. However, when I try the settings above, the missile locks the first ship it sweeps across (at the edge of the formation) as it turns from Bx6 to Bx7. Am I
  10. As a note, after the recent update I still have the missing texture in the English version of the cockpit, though the Default cockpit is fixed.
  11. Dear Heatblur Simulations, I wanted to extend congratulations on such a comprehensive representation of the F-14. I was the project lead for Aerosoft's MSFS/P3D rendition, and it is really impressive to see the generational improvement that has been developed. I have pre-ordered a copy and am eagerly awaiting the check-ride. Kind Regards, John
  12. I've been playing DCS all the way back to Lock-On in the early 2000s, and it's been really impressive to watch all of the pieces come together in DCS world. Great work!
  13. Great, thank you. Makes sense since it's a combat sim. Most of the time I'm doing a quick mission it's for the random time/season/weather to re-familiar myself with an aircraft and practice circuit landings.
  14. Hello, I've tried to make several ramp start fast-missions, but don't appear to have a ground crew to supply air for the engine start. Is this a mission editor thing, or is the ground crew supposed to be automatically available? Regards, John
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