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  1. Does shrapnel damage / fuel leak manifest itself while parked on the ramp? Like is there a white mist falling out of the aircraft?
  2. That was it. Each plane has to be on a sequence of waypoints or set to 'orbit' because when they reach their final waypoint they RTB and all roles go inactive.
  3. Hello, I have set up missions with four tankers, 3 western and one IL-78 but I can't see them on the Comms Menu, no F6 option to call the tanker. What do I need to set?
  4. Checking the box in the Misc settings tab for 'synchronize cockpit controls at mission start' makes the F-16 roll left and pitch down to the maximum at full throttle, even when my HOTAS is neutral and the throttle is at idle. (This is only about 10 iterations with the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS) Unchecking the box made it go back to normal. it would pleasant to get a fix with the next patch, thank you.
  5. Is it functional now? ALQ -165 Airborne Self Protection Jammer (ASPJ) is the onboard Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) system . The ALQ -165 detects and deceives threat pulse fire control and guidance RADARs and has four operating modes : standby, receive, transmit, and built in test . This ECM system detects, processes, and transmits a simulated target echo for deception when a RADAR signal is received . The simulated echoes are recognized by the enemy RADAR as true target returns . Tracking RADAR then tracks a false target and breaks lock from the true
  6. I know you can set the probability of specific failures with this setting, but on this note, If I select Random System Failures in the settings menu, does anyone know what the default probability / frequency of a system failure that it entails? I mean, I would leave it on if it reflected the real world % of system failures, but I'm not looking for a system failure like every time I go up, if you know what I mean.
  7. Oh, while I'm able to edit the missions I can indeed change the map options, I thought I had to go in to each individual unit and check the hidden box. Thank you.
  8. are you saying there's an options menu (where in the campaign section or settings?) that makes the mission criteria appear, since the purchased campaign files always have the logic and triggers etc. hidden?
  9. I have purchased the F18 Aggressors campaign as well as the Serpents Head 2. I noticed that they have multiple difficulty options, like Easy Medium and Hard which I think only determines the skill of the AI, and for Serpents Head 2 there is an easy A2A refueling version of the campaign. I'm throwing this out because I would like to see an ultra-difficult option for campaigns like Raven One, where I won't even see my blip or other friendlies on the F10 map. Nor even any F2 outside views. I'd like to play through campaigns with the same settings they have on the DDCS server, which is maximum
  10. I flipped my ADF switch to COMM1 and punched in 000.525 MHz, to set up nav to an NDB beacon, and pressed enter, all I got was ERROR on the UFC display. I also tried COMM2 and 000.718 MHz, while rolling the channel to Manual, and still got the ERROR message. I remember this working before the last stable update, it placed a bubble on my HSI showing the direction of the beacon. Bug? or am I doing something wrong?
  11. Oh, I see you're right. If my nosewheel is turned to one side, and I do let off the NWS button, I can simply hold it down again and move the rudder pedals as far as they can go in either direction, and at some point along that range it will catch the nosewheel no problem. At first I thought it was much more tricky than that.
  12. how can I edit the new kneeboard .lua to keep it the exact size and position I want?
  13. Hey all, I'm so needy, I have another issue. I was cruising along with two bombs, one M117 one the right pylon and one An-M64 on the left pylon. I had the reticle switch set to bomb, and the altimeter/ timer on the top left of the dash set to "bomb" ( I dunno if this is necessary in manual release mode, but It seems like it can't hurt) and I had the right side bomb selected to drop. Well it did. the M117 fell off the rack easily, but then I switched the release side to the left and I couldn't get the An-M64 bomb off the rack. I even went through all the switches and double checked and sa
  14. ok, after reading the manual, and another thread which I probably should have searched for before starting a new one I found out that with this plane if you press the NWS button you must not let it go until the nosewheel is in the neutral, straight position, otherwise it won't engage again until you have the rudder pedals in the same position as the nose-wheel is in. Whenever I let up on the NWS button (because of laziness) it disengaged and wouldn't engage again until the rudder pedals were in the same position as when I let up the button. Problem solved. Pmiceli I see your solution, the o
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