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  1. Kirrasdad, have there been any improvements since you posted? What is it exactly that isn't working? Is the main screen showing DCS? you might need to update the individual LUAs in your Mods\Airframe\Scripts folder. have you seen my post: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/multi-monitor/290864-mfd-hsi-ded-ifei-ufc-etc-screens-on-second-monitor It will explain how to make MFD screens appear inside the cockpit screenspace
  2. I've now used in during squadron missions, it works between the F-16, A-10, F-18 etc. Much thanks to everyone for coaching me on this
  3. Yes, now that you guys explained it to my I get it. I just tested it. My assistant turned on 38X and I 101X and I saw his distance from me very accurately. thanks for helping me understand!
  4. Elevation input is not accepted on my tgt ufc . I tried to enter 4880 ft but the ddi page only showed 0 and the slams hit the ground far short of the pre-planned target
  5. I was online yesterday, Jesto in a hornet was on 20X A/A TR, so was I, and there was innaccurate range info on the HSI. The Tacan 3 alpha code wasn't even there nor a way to set it.
  6. Today's findings on the mission editor: I was able to get distance info on my HSI in both the F16 and F18 using the Tacan to tune in to 16X, 18X, 39X, and 41X. Like you said, Nealius, the bearing info isn't available but I was able to see the nm range to the aircraft. Now I'm curious as to whether it will work in multiplayer
  7. From what I can see on the UFC / DED is I can only punch in one Tacan number at a time. I'll see if I can get range info that matches the F10 map distance between blips, to figure it out.
  8. I went back into my mission and tried receiving TACAN 79X for the F-16 and TACAN 81X for the F-18, which I calculated to be 63 MHz higher than the stations I set them to transmit at. Still the TCN symbol on the HSI was just spinning. Maybe it only works in the A-10C.
  9. I heard Mover (C.W. Lemoine) talking about navigation and formation flying in inclement weather. He said that F/A-18s can activate their TACAN and use it to track each other. I tried this in stable, mission editor, and I was able to track a KC-135 tanker with TACAN 65X, but I also set an AI F-16 to activate TACAN 16X as well as an AI F-18 to activate TACAN 18X, and I am only able to get the tanker plane's TACAN up on my HSI/HSD. It would just be a pretty nifty feature to be able to track a flight lead, or wingman with TACAN Air/Air! Thanks already Eagle Dynamics, for an awesome sim, that
  10. Hello, there are bits and pieces of the solution in different threads, I hope this can consolidate the info and if it works for you or doesn't work for you please provide feedback. 1) Find the [indicator]_init.lua in the Mods\aircraft\[airframe]\cockpit\scripts folder 2) right click and edit that .lua with Notepad++ so as not to corrupt it 3) add the line: dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."ViewportHandling.lua") under the first dofile... line at the very top 4) under this line: indicator_type = indicator_types.COMMON add purposes if it isn't already there: purposes =
  11. is the finished autoexec file supposed to be a .lua?
  12. I ran the clear registry and my X52 started working just fine. It can be found on the Saitek / Logitech support page.
  13. I learned to use JDAMs for loft bombing with pre-planned coordinates. set the mode to auto-loft, 30 degrees, and get up to around 500kts, and pull-up at 5 nm from the target, I hold the flight path marker at the 30 line, and a bomb-fall line with release cue will appear, as well as the words 'in-zone' on the right side of the HUD. It's a press and hold on the pickle and the bomb releases when that cue line meets the FPM.
  14. Hello all, if you have experienced a bug when exporting the F18C_1_DIFF.psd as a .dds to a livery folder in your coremods\f18c folder (the nose and tail sections show up as all black) you can fix this by first exporting the F18C_1_DIFF.psd as a .bmp file and then close your active window, open that F18C_1_DIFF.bmp file in your program again and export it as the .dds file into it's livery folder in your coremods\f18\liveries\f18_hornet file path. It will now show the nose and tail with the livery/skin you designed. I also read at the DCS: Livery Art Group, on Discord, that you can do
  15. Thanks for your responses I'll look into that
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