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  1. the high-integrity / full-fidelity if you will, modules have .lua files you can edit to change the size of the controls indicator, so far I haven't found as many options in the FC3 mods folder.
  2. forgive me for reporting this issue again, but I've included a track, and it shows how the flashlight flips irreversibly back to white from green when the engine rpm reaches 63. Light Color Reverts to White on engine start.trk
  3. Lights is misspelled in these lines of the joystick.lua for the F-18. This since the 2.7 update. lines 63,64 above are the correct spelling as seen in the command.defs.lua
  4. notice the second line THROTTLE_EXTERIOR_LIGTHS .. lights is obviously mispelled. Correct it and save, and the switch will begin working again
  5. If you're still having issues with this, here's a guide which will show you how
  6. Ok, I suppose your GPU is generating more image than you see on screenspace, but if that's what it takes to get the 2.7 graphics to work, then you do what you have to, right? I'll bet you can solve Detent's 666 problem now.
  7. How do you preload the edges, and, what is your preload radius? So tell me again the height and width of each screen, and particulars about where the side screens sit in relation to the top of the center screen (flush, or centered?) And the bezel (space in inches) between the viewable screen where your monitors meet, and tell me the max resolution of each monitor, I'll check if there's something to correct. see MNissens example below. Try setting your monitorconfig.lua so all the screens are the same size and resolution.
  8. Oh, so set the aspect ratio of your left screen back to 1920/1080, see if that fixes the proportion. To account for the bezel I would do dx=1+ 0.3"/26.6" =1.0112781955 for the left screen and Dx=-(1+0.8"/23.6") =-1.0338983051 for your right screen. this way your canopy struts should align seamlessly
  9. can you give me the dimensions in inches for height and width of each of your screens, as well as the physical widths of the edges of your screens? Is your left screen centered vertically or flush with the top or bottom of the middle and right screen? Here are some edits I made, I wonder if they will make a difference with the graphics bugs. 3CamerasDiffSizes-IcemanEdit.lua
  10. I attached a .lua I think you might want to try to see if there's any improvement? What are the widths of the borders between your screens? ( so I can calculate a dx = for each side monitor) I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful, many are encountering this issue. Did you read the thread shared by Flappie above? Maybe there's a fix in there. 3Cameras_Cus2-IcemansEdit.lua
  11. You guys need to enter the exact numbers in place of these: screenheight, screenwidth, and screen aspect, because their values default on the largest screen, pm me with your monitorconfig.lua if you would like assistance.
  12. Do you have multiple monitors? I fixed mine, I bet you can too.
  13. Will you tell me your monitors' dimensions and resolutions and share your monitorconfig.lua file? I want to see if I recognize any errors. Thanks.
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