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  1. Guys, how can you not see it. Kiowa it at Bell, so they can't take any images to use them as SOTW and they have to keep silent about it. <wishful thinking only, don't take this seriously>
  2. Just a note @BIGNEWY maybe lock this thread? Otherwise this could easily turn into the same argument that was present in more than a couple of threads before
  3. Is it too much to ask some proper customer service and proper bug management? Why does it matter how much has anyone spent on any product? Let's think of it this way. How much hours have any single of bug reporter spent trying to reproduce a but? Are you @Mr. Big.Biggs gonna pay my hourly wage? I would rather either play something I enjoy or do something else than bug hunt, but I do it did it because I wanted to improve the module and give my feedback to the devs about what is wrong. When I get treated like this, that's when I stop investing my own time to help someone else. I
  4. Do you hold weapon release button or just do a quick press? If latter, that's the reason. You need to hold weapon release button long enough for info of the target to be transferred to the JDAM and then it will release
  5. Well it's blatantly obvious. If every single aircraft has the same issue, yes, then it's the ED issue and it affects every aircraft out there. However, if any issue is related to a couple of aircrafts or less, you can't say it's ED issue and ignore the problem. There is no way that sounds logical at all and is really insulting everyone who tries to raise any issue
  6. Oh, I totally missed that part. That would then be a no. Seems like RB made some fixes to the mission and should be released soon. Try to edit the mission and add ammo and fuel truck so you will gain access to the ground crew.
  7. It is known issue. Current workaround is that if you forgot to remove chocks before startup, connect ground power and turn on the APU. Then shutdown engine, remove chocks and start up again. Your alignment will remain, all weapon, waypoint and other settings will remain in place
  8. Harrier has so much thrust at idle that the it starts to roll. That is the reason chocks should be in place before you actually start to roll or you hold the brakes. Once ED sorts the issue the chocks will fix this problem
  9. Oh, sorry. The OP was a little ambigous. I just went through the controls and it seems like there isn't bindable option for that (HMCS Power On/Off switch), so we would need to ask ED to add it.
  10. Did couple of tests yesterday and I can say it's miles better than before. I can now confidently take out stuff with the gun, so I'd say it's fixed. Now, as the gun did get fixed second time now, can we please get to keep it that way?
  11. UFC brightess knob does either 100% illumination or 0%, there is nothing in-between. That is what the OP is trying to say
  12. From todays' changelog: Fixed: AG Gun gunsight boresight Hmmm, I thought it was correct, and we were all flying the attack pattern wrong... Oh well, time to test this later today
  13. It's DMS left long, but for that to work, you need to turn it on by using the switch that is located on the right side, next to the seat, below the Tacan controls iirc
  14. This is intentional, but it's also stupid as the chock would realistically be removed just before you start to taxi. They are there to keep the aircraft in place considering it's got that stupidly powerful engine. What you can do if you forgot to remove them and you completed all your checks is to turn on APU, connect ground power and then just turn off engine, remove chocks and turn it back on. Alignment will be stored as with all of your settings
  15. Ok. It could be bugged and it wouldn't surprise me at the slightest. I just asked if you are testing without wind as the bomblets are affected by it so that could mess with your testing. If you can reproduce it with 0 wind, post a track file and hopefully it will be reported in the next couple of months given how RB are keen on showing up on the forums after the update.
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