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  1. New version available. Hopefully, a good overhaul: v1.3.0 Changelog: Fixed a bug in the UHF/VHF frequency selector for airfields Manual selection of PUSH - EGRESS waypoints to calculate VUL Time / TOT For self (selected) flight, in the Mission datacard, use right mouse button click on WP Name and "Select WP type" For other flights, use the "Edit WPs flight#" button on the coordination card and use right mouse click on the window that pops up Changed the Mission field on top of the datacard to display own flight task instead of sortie name Intro
  2. I could offer a couple different styles for the template. Just that all the fields, including logos, will fall in the same positions. Sure, it takes a little time, though, because for the editor to look ok, I would also have to make it so that when you change the template, all the editable text fields change their background color, to match the new template, so it does not look weird. If I make it so that each user can load their template, there are two drawbacks: first, you would have to create a template for each page and second, I have no way of knowing which color scheme you use, so the te
  3. Hi @Wrench, Well, the main idea of the app was to export PNG images, to use as kneeboard, specially because a lot of the people I fly with, as well as myself, are flying in VR exclusively. I wanted everything to have the same look & feel, and that is why I created templates that kept the style from the checklists I also started creating over the original work of @BatLunette. That being said, I am currently saving kind of a csv file (not exactly that) encoded in the .5js file, for distribution and reworking of the datacards. However, for making a proper csv export, s
  4. Hi @maxxstv, I am afraid the font is hard-coded at the moment. I just customized it for the app, and the alignment of the exported images is calculated with that font in mind. When using other fonts during the development, the alignment points were different so, if I allowed to select different fonts for the exports now, they would probably end printing the text all over the place and not inside the fields of the template. However, I do not discard having a second look at it in the future, once I've finished with the backlog of features currently being worked on
  5. Ok, got it. Did not test the .miz, as that links requires adding some extension to the browser to download, but the problem is that I had not included any chart for Jean airport in the bundle. I have check that the chart exists before trying to export, will add the comprobation quickly. Meanwhile, I would avoid trying to export charts not included with DCS or in CombatWombat's packages
  6. Version 1.2.1 is out!! It fixes (I hope) the issue reported when loading some missions, and polishes functionality of the coordination card. Full changelog available via the in-app update dialog. @Kariyann71 the issue you reported should be fixed now, please feel free to check and report if you still experience any weird behavior @Shrike88 of course. I missed WDP functionality, and this is how all started. I think we still miss some of the ecosystem that was created around BMS during the years, but the gap is being closed steadily. If this app helps in tha
  7. It is fixed, I will bundle it with a couple other modifications and release it tomorrow. It is a weird case: I was relying on carrier TCN and frequency for some checks, and the tarawa in that .miz is lacking both
  8. Thanks!! I will have a look with that .miz Hopefully it will be quick to find and fix, and then I can release a fix tonight/tomorrow
  9. Version 1.2.0 available via update through the app itself. v1.2.0 Changelog: Added the ability to detect the TOT/VUL Time window of package flights Time calculated between "PUSH/WPT2" and "EGRESS/DP" (second option to accomodate F-14 WPs Checkboxes added on General Tab, to extrapolate own flight delays to other package flights (only Client Player flights): Start-up delay Station Time #1 (AAR/HOLD/CAP...) Station Time #2 (AAR/HOLD/CAP...) Now, tankers in Comm Card will also show TACAN
  10. Hi!! actually I have already caught a couple of these exceptions. In the next version (due tonight CET, or tomorrow) they are fixed. I remember one with the comboboxes index, if there were non-carrier ships in the mission. Regarding the pdf generation, I could not reproduce it, though. If you could upload your .miz somewhere, I can have a look and have a better chance to debug those exceptions. I try to systematically address them, but it always seems to be something I overlooked. cheers
  11. Which background picture you mean? In the app, or in the generated cards? Point me to it, please... I will have a look for the next update. Ideally, I'd like to keep some "branding" representing where was the tool originated from, but I might add some more customization options, of course. Just let me know or, even better, post an edited picture, so I know what you are thinking, and I might give it a try
  12. As far as I know, it can be used with any plane, and we usually do (F/A-18, F-16, F-14 regularly). I imagine the 2 radios / 20 channels each might not be enough for some plan, though... However, I am not sure what do you have in mind when asking A-10C. I mean, is there anything specific not suiting? Regarding the logos, I just hardcoded those from my squadron and those which usually fly with us, but left an option to add a custom logo + squadron name for the rest, let me know if it is unclear how to use it BR
  13. Datacard Generator update available (1.1.23). Support for up to 25 Steerpoints added MGRS support has been added as per@Stingray 1-1 Mongo suggestion. Thanks!! Formatting options for text in notes
  14. I still need to investigate MGRS... but I definitely do not discard it
  15. Well, I have just made an additional test, so here are the results: PP mode: Entered the coordinates, set Auto-loft to 30° Approaching the target in NOE flight, then pull-up to 30°, 5nm from the target... bombs do not release Level flight at 20k, wait for the release mark, with pickle held 5-10 seconds before the mark crosses FPM... bombs do not release Changed to TOO, found the very same target with the TPOD, and designated it, keeping all other info (Auto-loft 30°), fly level and... bombs did release!! Weird... (edit: gramm
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