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  1. Excellent news Fragger, genuinely impressed with your dedication and happy it's paying off. Congrats! :)
  2. I don't normally like asking/wishing threads but in this case I'll make an exception, I'd buy a Sea Vixen on day one on the basis of novelty alone. I like bizarre designs and this definitely qualifies.
  3. Hey all, happy new year! Glad someone's getting interest out of this stuff. Just got done having new year's day dinner with my father (he makes excellent ribs) and I took that opportunity to ask him more about the F-15 flight. I asked him about if there were any photos of that and he said sadly not. This happened on a business trip to the St. Louis Boeing factory I think sometime in 2007, and the flight was actually in an F-15K Slam Eagle - this was a customer sell-off test flight, running the aircraft through its paces one more time before handing it off to the Korean government. Appare
  4. I mentioned to him this morning that someone had asked that and he cracked up laughing. Yeah, not only does all of that go inside the jet, he says it's not even the entire system. He says there's 30 boxes in total that comprise the AWG-9 system, and every single one is packed full of electronics. I asked him if the APG-63 was the same way before the F-15 was digitized and he said yes, but that by the time they got to the APG-63(V)1 they had the whole system down to only five boxes. Without having to ask him I'm pretty sure I can identify some of the units there. Obviously all the black pain
  5. Hey folks, it's a sleepless night and I've had the idea of writing about this for a while, so here goes. Not 100% sure on what's the most appropriate subforum to stick this in, hopefully here is fine. The reason I got interested in military aviation is because it runs in the family. My maternal grandfather was a tail gunner aboard various bomber aircraft over Germany in WWII, and my paternal grandfather was a civilian agent of the Army Air Forces and later USAF, apparently discharged and employed as a civilian early in his military career due to involvement with various top secret projects
  6. ...and the Gee Bee is available now. Link in the OP.
  7. Thanks much. It's uploaded to the user file server and I'm waiting for the mods to approve it, I guess? I've never done this before, it seems to take quite a while. Not complaining, I'm sure they're busy. I started working on another I-16 skin project to make Dogfight Red and Blue skins like the ones for the Mustang and the Bf 109 - although less bland than the vanilla skins for those two. Like, I like the idea but want the skins to actually look like they represent different factions and not just be color-swapped versions of the same exact design? I've pretty much finished Blue. Loosely ba
  8. Bit of a fantasy piece here, I watched the Rocketeer again recently and I kinda got a bug to repaint the Rata to look like the Gee Bee. It's only approximate since they're actually pretty drastically different in shape, but the I-16 is the closest one for the job, so... Apologies for the screenshot quality, my PC isn't very good and cranking the graphics settings up makes the game falter pretty bad. Also since there's no official paint kit out yet this is hacked out of the vanilla unmarked green skin, which limits the quality (as does the plane having kinda bad UVs, getting the linework to
  9. Thanks. And dunno, haven't looked yet, but probably not. I've been working on the I-16 this week, which is a challenge since the paint kit for that one isn't available yet. Just hacking on one of the vanilla skins for now. I'll post about it in the mod section when I'm done, probably. ETA: Oh yeah, and by the way: フォーラムに日本語の部分がありませんしかしここに日本語を話せる人がいますか。単に好奇心です
  10. Howdy. Long time (2012?) DCS pilot and tinkerer, real life student pilot, military aviation in the blood on both sides. Not much of a forum person, more lurker than conversationalist, but I figured I'd register to participate in community modding stuff, perhaps. I do custom skins sometimes, and spend so much time tinkering with homebrew instrument panel hardware that I feel like I play more as a crew chief than as a pilot.
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