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  1. SUNTSAG Hello, I'm having issues after the supercarrier update getting aircraft to rearm and refuel. As soon as I ask the ground crew to rearm I get a DCS crash. Pretty much anything I ask the ground crew to do. Maybe this is on my end. Any ideas? Thanks Kroll
  2. I’m curious at some point if the S-3, and S-60 will be updated? Maybe a few other period type aircraft. COD. Super hornet, Different era asset packs would be cool as DCS expands. 70s, 80s, 90 asset packs. Yes I’d pay for those. Thx
  3. Looks great! Will the mighty Vulcan bomber an asset at some point? What other aircraft will be included? Thx
  4. What is supposed to mapped to slave the weapon. I can't get the crosshairs to slew. After I uncage they won't move. Watched a ton of videos. Can't figure out what supposed to be mapped. Thanks
  5. They're F-16s. Freeze the frame above the hud. F-16
  6. I think we all know they would not be compatible as is. What I'm suggesting is a "vanilla" version to rip around the planet in. They have done the legwork already. I would assume w/o weapons but who knows. ED would have to decide if it could be profitable. If you look at the videos released today...… Tell me you wouldn't want a high end F-16/ F-18 to buzz around in. Even if you couldn't bomb. I would pay for it and so would many others. Everyone, would download a ED module for the MS sim. It's like buying a John Deere you know EDs level of quality. The next thing someone will say
  7. Just an idea. Well aware its not that easy. At this point we don't know. Just saying a ton of work has been put into a module. Why not capitalize on all that research/ knowledge and generate more money for your company. I'm sure Razbam will.
  8. That's totally what I mean. This could be another revenue stream for ED. They've spent a ton on each module. If it is at all possible to make a few changes to allow them to run in this future sim. You may not be able to drop bomb etc but the terrain/ atmosphere looks insane.
  9. Where is the switch for the F-14 external lights? I turn them all on (formation, Beacon....) but I can't see them externally. What am I missing? Thanks.
  10. My thought is you would still have both ways. There are all different level of gamers and all levels of time that we all have. Not really sure what difference it would make. When your in the mood to type it all in you can. When you want to just do things a little quicker you can. Real pilots don't have the limitations of wearing an Oculus. In real life it's much easy to complete this task because your wife isn't yelling saying it dinner time or time to put the kids to bed. There are many items already that can be switched on and off already in the game. As far as being a sim.....
  11. Love the JDAM. I was thinking what a pain it is to consistently type all the info in when under the oculus. What if there was an option under the F10 map view where you could zoom in on an object, right click to add to a certain pylon 1, 2..... the Lat, Lon, Alt. The current way may be correct and awesome but if your time limited because of life or your eyes are drying out under the oculus. This may be an idea to speed up the action of blowing stuff up. What do you think?
  12. F-14A Pics https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=233051
  13. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=233050 F-14 B pics
  14. Kroll

    F-14A Skins

    Water based skins https://photos.app.goo.gl/HiTAjL1oNuvA9agT7
  15. Kroll

    F-14B Skins

    Yes I have seen that. It's awesome! I'm trying to add more but I'm having a hard time downloading to google.
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