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  1. Hmm... but it seems to me that ED is taking too long to update MiG-29 to PFM... Or am I wrong?
  2. redbat

    Harrier GR3

    Yes, I quite agree with Lunatic98 with everything. This plane is a very different beast from the other versions of the Harrier. It's systems aren't so advanced but doesn't means they're easy to learn or less interesting. As Lunatic 98 says, there are other "simpler" aircraft available for DCS World. Personally, I like these analogic systems and also it's the only version of the Harrier I would buy. The looks also matter to me. Aesthetically I find it more interesting. It's profile with the continuous top line, from the canopy to the top of the fuselage, without that "bulge" from the canopy protruding of later versions. But of course, these are some selfish reasons, but still. It's a dam badass looking plane ;)
  3. redbat

    Harrier GR3

    A very intersting interview with former Harrier GR3 pilot Bob Marston
  4. redbat

    Harrier GR3

    Hi everyone! Will there ever be a Harrier GR3 from RAZBAM? :) Best regards :thumbup:
  5. I would mention different airplanes too, but since this poll is about those three, I would vote for the Su-7. It has a lot of analogical instruments, tons of buttons, a cozy cockpit to spend some time in specially with VR gear. Also it looks great and it's a very uncommon airplane in the simulators world. Would be awesome to have a full real study plane for DCS World...
  6. Yes!! The Mirage III so that my life makes sense again... :P
  7. Mirage III MiG-17 and 19 would be a must for a Vietnam map... or even without it :D The 19 being with no radar. Without that horrible nose bulge... :P Also the F-100 A-7 Corsair
  8. Hi Devrim! :) Well, I did just that. I pasted the file headtracker.dll into "..\DCS World\bin\" folder, but still doesn't works. I even tried disabling the mouse inputs for the views in the options panel. It appears to be an impossible task to get this to work in DCS World. I've read other posts and sometimes they were not very clear, or dedicated to a special aircraft. I just would like to know how others have their freetrack working properly... Thank you very much
  9. I don't have F-86 installed, so, I can't paste the default.lua file on that root. Do I need to own a mod plane installed in order to have head tracking working in FC3 planes? Thank you
  10. I don't have this root: ...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircrafts\F-86\Input\F-86F\headtracker Where should I install the default.ini file then? Thank you
  11. Hello! I'm trying to enable Freetrack too in DCS World for all planes. I don't have the P-51 nor the F-86. I only have the stock planes and Flaming Cliffs 3. Is there a way I may apply Remon's solution files for all planes? Thank you
  12. I would like to see a proper simulated DCS level MiG-29 A... or a MiG-15 ;)
  13. Hello Night! I have no buttons assigned to control freetrack on my joystick. Also I tried your suggestion about changing the resolution without any success. Thanks for your help :)
  14. Hello Devrim! I installed the Freetrack 2.2 version and this is the error message: Exception EAccessViolation in module Freetrack.exe at 00019779. Access violation at address 00019779 in module 'Freetrack.exe'. Read of address 40239CA6. I tried to find a solution already in Freetrack forum but no luck. Cheers
  15. Yes, I did exactly that, although I do use the prefs files. About the Freetrack version, it worked well with the Flaming Cliffs 2.0, although I was obliged to run the TrackIRFixer.exe, otherwise it wouldn't work either. I tried to use it with FC 3.0 and without it, but it still doesn't works, nevertheless. Freetrack 2.2 always gives me an error message. I couldn't find a fix for that yet. Anyway the actual version runs well with other sims...
  16. Hello Devrim! Thanks for answering :) Well, I did as it follows from the instructions file, after the NOTE part: I must say I'm using Freetrack 2.1 because the 2.2 version always gives me a an error. My Asus laptop specs are: Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3610, 2.3 GHz to 3.2 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache Speed Chipset: Intel HM76 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Display: 15-inch, 1920-1080pixels Memory: 8 GB DDR3 SODIMM Hard Drive: 750 GB SATA Graphics Card: Intel GMA 4000 + Nvidia GT630M with 2GB of memory Thank you for your help :)
  17. Hello! I'm also trying to get freetrack working in my DCS World 1.2.6 with FC3. I downloaded the HeadTracker Binaries.zip files and installed them correctly, but it doesn't works for me. I read above something about adding lines to the Input.lua file. What lines should I add and where? Thank you very much.
  18. It seems I can't post the video here, so here's the link http://youtu.be/9jLSsAuibuQ
  19. Allright Kuky, thanks for your help anyway ;)
  20. Thanks for answering Kuky :) The computer is a laptop. I was having this problem while installing Falcon BMS4.32, but I changed some 3D settings on Nvidia control panel and that simulator identified the Nvidia graphic card. Also, I'm having the same problem of finding Nvidia card with other simulator. Maybe there is a way of changing some file in Flaming Cliffs that would make the sim "see" the other graphic card... Cheers
  21. Hi guys! :) I just bought a new computer, a Asus N56VM, which has two graphic cards, an intel and Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 2GB. It seems that my Flaming Cliffs 1.12b chooses the intel video card, which is not so good as the Nvidia one. So, anyone knows how to select the video card in FC 1.12b? Thank you :)
  22. Yes, I hope it doesn't die too. But I meant from a commercial point of view... maybe it is ;)
  23. Yes, you're right when you say it's an old simulator. I have it since 2004 (I guess), but I only bought the FC version last summer. The point is, even being an old sim, couldn't it be even more improved? Hence the 3D cockpit subject. As you might know, the Falcon series has been under constant development, for 10 years! Although I know that is possible because the original code of the game was leaked and that gave origin to several different versions. The famous "Falcon Dance". I tried this Falcon sim for some time, since January of last year. My present version is Open Falcon 4.7, yet I'm a real noob with it. Anyway, my heart follows Lock On mostly because of the planes we can fly there, specially Su-27 family and the MiG-29, and for other reasons that don't matter now. Of course I can not expect Lock On to be developed the same way as Falcon, although I'd love to. But to ask for a decent 3D cockpit, and I'm not saying a clickable one, is it really so hard? I mean, if Lock On is old, but so FS2004, IL-2! I was just quite surprised when they announced FC 2.0 and see tha just looks the same, with several modifications as reported of course. At the end the main goal was to make the fusion with Black Shark. But even so you cannot fly the different planes with the two different simulators. They can only coexist in the same online environment. So why don't they develop a new Lock On? I know DCS has planned different addons or patches like the announced A-10. But it seems they will take a huge amonut of time to release each one of them. I know DCS aims to the military clients, but for me, and surely for many people, it would be nice to improve this planes we fly now in Lock On. A nice thing would be that the code of Lock On Flaming Cliffs would be released, since it's old and about to die they are not going to get any richer than this now :) Since they are not interested to develop what already exists, I'm sure a lot of talented skillful developers would make wonders with it, as they did for Falcon Series ;) Cheers :)
  24. Hmm... it's a pretty good effort, but still there are 2D elements, don't you agree? So you cannot say it's a full 3D cockpit. Perhaps it's too difficult to do... But I must agree it's better than nothing... Well, "googling" shows DCS modules may take a while until they are released. You might wanna "google" yourself and check out since when full 3D cockpits are being used and then you might understand what I meant when I posted this thread. I´ll give you some clues: FS2004, IL-2... So, if what is shown in your youtube link is the best they can do, then I say again, it's very disappointing. Come on... after all this years in the business?! I could put you lots of examples here of what is being made nowadays, but I'm sure you already know them and I don't intend to insinuate you don't do your homework, just like you did to me :smilewink: Well GGTharos, that kind of comment doesn't fit you good as a moderator and as an ED tester. You should keep an open mind in order to improve the products you test for ED. Take in better consideration the opinions of the people who gives you money for your products. And as a moderator, you should try to cultivate a good mood here instead of putting... lets say, at least, not so polite comments. So guys, please, lets keep a good mood, a nice tone of conversation here, ok? Best greetings :thumbup:
  25. Hi guys! :thumbup: In a time where every other great sims have already (for a long time) 3D cockpits, with full 6 DOF, it's very very disappointing that this new Flaming Cliffs 2.0 version hasn't implemented them yet, in my opinion !!! I mean, when is Lock On giving that step?!! Lock On 5.0?!! :doh: Maybe I'm wrong, but don't you think this is an important aspect to the immersiveness of this simulator and to keep up with time? Best greetings
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