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  1. Hi Guys, Silly questions... Could anyone, please: 1) translate the title of that song (and the band's name)? 2) explain to me how both the song's title and the band's name is pronounced? (an audio file would be great!) 3) provide me with links to more work from this band? Thanks in advance,
  2. Nope, they don't have 33's as of yet. And I didn't say so either... They also feature the blueish camo, check Cope India 2006, though I'd prefer to have the grey one. I'm still looking so if any pops up, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Hey Matt, Tnx for the info. The sequence seems pretty logical to me, specially if the gfx (or at least environment) engine developed for Tank Killers serves as the foundation for the F-16 project. Good luck!
  4. I'm amazed by this short movie!! It's the best air combat sequence (and more believable) since Top Gun. Thanks for this great link. Does anybody know where it belongs to? /where it comes from? This has been professionally filmed and edited. It's gotta be a part of something bigger. Any clues anyone?
  5. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Amazing!!!! This is the kind of material that populates some cool short movie festivals. Great job!!
  6. Thanks a lot Alfa and SwingKid, I appreciate both your posts. The only comment I'll make to round this up is that what you both said will hopefully be useful to lots of people. People who's not around for a long time. Being around this very dilemma posed by sims to us for over 11 years now, I've learned my lessons. The only point I do not agree totally with is that SLI is one of those constant evolutions... stuff we see every 6 months or so. In my opinion, it is not! SLI, when first introduced by 3DFX, was a great leap. SLI reintroduced by nVidia today is, again, a great leap. Marketing
  7. Thanks a lot Alfa! It's really nice to see someone with a positive attitude! Since you offered, I'll gladly accept your help. One thing that has been bugging me a lot is about LOMAC and SLI. I am waiting on the devs position to make a buying decision. A direct yes or no will do it. If no, or maybe, some background info would be appreciated, if possible. It seems, I'm not the only one interested in this subject: SLI and LOMAC 1 SLI and LOMAC 2 Thanks for your efforts,
  8. BIOLOG, Yes, I see your point, but I believe (not sure, of course) the difference is measured in months, not years. That's I used the word "approximately" in my original message. But thanks for your comments anyways. :) Dmut, It seems you missed that part when I asked all the wannabe software developers to spare me, right?
  9. Swing Kid, Thanks for your clarification. Well taken. Unfortunately, as foreseen by the both of us, it seems this will become a "devless" topic... so, I'm out.
  10. Hey SwingKid, I agree with you... partially... to me, everything in life is *balance*! Even quality I want in a nice quantity. :wink: The only "bad" thing implied by your statement is that if Chizh's 38 messages in the English forum are quality filled (since that's what matters according to you), does that mean he is (sorry) BSing on the Russian forum??? :shock: I don't think so... Even not understanding a single word in Russian, my guess is that his other 554 messages are probably very interesting... If this thread goes unnoticed, I'll be happier than if it, as others before it,
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