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  1. Seems the HMCS doesn't cross over to the side monitors with TrackIR and 3 Monitors set in Options. This doesn't make HMCS very useful w/ 3 monitors because it is stuck on the middle monitor when your eyes are on the side monitors.
  2. I have played through TEW3 once and really enjoy it. As a relatively new DCSer I can probably play through it 3 - 5 times on different difficulty levels as it is very interesting. In this case, TEW3 M03 I had the following issues which I will be glad to try to help trouble-shoot. Mainly, I would like others to not have to experience them: 1. ATC Request Startup - I was on the correct freq and used Comms menu but ATC would not give me direction. However ATC always caught up with what I was doing after the fact. 2. I successfully hit all of the requirements for WP1 - WP4 and had my TOT
  3. Thanks for confirming! After saying it 60 times with infinite variation I got it to recognize the pattern. Whew! :thumbup:
  4. I can get Jester to recognize "Radio Mode AM" and recognize "Radio Tune" or "Tune Radio" but when I supply the digits and even get a confirm beep, the radio freq does not change. Can someone please list the exact phrases they use to get the AM Freq tuned to the digits required? Thanks!
  5. Working now, thanks. Given Airio is for F-14s only, we also get the Navy chatter which is ok, but it seems to be shorter and more repetitive and almost all traps vs. the NATO chatter. I understand we can select which Chatter we want in the options if we don't want the default. Any plans for broader Navy chatter soon?
  6. FYI - Here is a set of Kneeboard files with commands for Airio: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304381/
  7. F14 Rio Plug-in not working after going through manual steps So, when I activate the Airio option in Vaicom Pro configuration, as expected, the Jester menu goes away. But I can't get Jester to respond to voice commands even though I can get a beep hit on the Vaicom voice recognition (although recognition is painful). I have followed the instructions to export the plug-in data and import the Airio file to VA and then copy to Vaicom Pro for DCS profile. Also, when I run the Plug-in Configuration Editor it shows 850 Key Words. When I press the Test button, it shows 365 missing aliases.
  8. Ok. I have spent a couple hours ensuring SRS and Vaicom are mapped correctly to the matching PTT radios etc and so SRS is working and Vaicom is activating the correct channel with the Warthog HOTAS Mic keys. The Menu behavior has gone away. I still can't get RIO working but I'll start a new thread for that.
  9. Vaicom Pro generating unwanted keystrokes I have Vaicom Pro licenses and with A-10C everything was fine. I just got the F-14 and the RIO plug-in but Vaicom is now generating spurious keystrokes so that the Comms Menu (mapped to \ in DCS) keeps showing up or disappearing. This happens in the F-14 but not in the A-10C. When I close VoiceAttack or simply disable the Vaicom profile the issue goes away. I have triple checked all the key mappings and I don't see anywhere keys could be generated, but Vaicom is generating keystrokes that trigger the comms menu somehow. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks! Got it working and understand directory structure now!
  11. I have this working now. User/DCS/Mods/tech S the home for Mods while User/DCS/Liveries is the home for Liveries. In the case of Mods, each mod should have a subdir with an entry file declaring itself a plug-in for Mod Manager. In the case of VPC Objects, this needs a patch available in in google drive. Also the subdir in the original zip file for VPC declares itself main and has numerous subdirs. Change this to VPC bjects for clarity. Each mod author tends to create their own peculiar dir structure in their zip file. Some think they are adding to ED nstall folders instead of the s
  12. I checked the Mission Editor and I see that in the Payloads tab for a Unit you can view and edit the Paint Scheme. I see that some Livery creators are not following standard naming conventions and so their Liveries will not be found until it is registered under the correct unit signifier (in this case "F-18C"). I do have Liveries loading now, thanks for your help!
  13. Ok. Makes sense. Liveries go in their own folder outside of /Mods/tech. Now, when downloading the latest liveries I'm seeing various folder names and even aircraft type information in the description. Example: 'VFA-97 300 (CAG)' contains description file starting with livery = { {"f18c1" While the ED notation is folder 'f_a-18c' and the description file uses: livery = { {"F-18C_Texture1", 0, "F-18C_Texture1_NSAWC_25", false}, I checked the Mission Editor and I see that in the Payloads tab for a Unit you can view and edit the Paint Scheme. I see that some Livery creat
  14. Good info, all! Understand that placing User content in Saved Games will keep ED content clean and manageable. It was the original VPC Object Zip that created the confusion. It has a deeper directory structure than the others and it used 'main' as its placement under /Mods/tech instead of using /Mods/tech/VPC Objects. So the lesson for me or anyone downloading mods is, a mod is best managed as a Folder in /Mods/tech and will declare itself a plugin in an 'entry.lua'. But I see a bunch of Liveries with various folder structures. Some have /Bazar/Liveries path. Do Liveries go to Saved Gam
  15. As I learn to install missions with mods, I understand that mods are generally intended to go to <Drive>/Users/<user>/Saved Games/DCS (or DCSOB)/Mods/tech However, each mod has its own peculiar directory structure ultimately containing LUA, EDM or DDS files. Are we supposed to preserve a directory structure for Mods/Skins etc or are we supposed to place the files in Mods/tech/main/Liveries; Mods/tech/main/Shapes; Mods/tech/main/Textures? I ask because I don't seem to get any mods to load when I just unzip into /Mods/tech Thanks!
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