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  1. It has I think. The helmet and the ladder will dissapear if movement of the aircraft is detected. You can test this with a C101CC on cold start, and asking for bombs on the wings, you will see the ladder disseapearing and appearing again due to the movement of the plane made by the bombs on the wings
  2. Also, please, check that you choose the C101EB, because the skin you showed is from the EB variant, and not the CC.
  3. I rate this landing with a 9/10, he followed the PAPI Lights, but made a little bit too much flare Merry Christmas to everyone!
  4. But in the changelog, it says that the light effect is added, so, is the gun camera light? Which light is it?
  5. It's working, it has been fixed since 1 month ago. If it doen't work, you may doing something wrong.
  6. You have a MFI-55 video (The real one) on Deka Ironworks YouTube chanel:
  7. They will be texturedd when 3D model of the plane is finished. Give them time, it's not going to be "Grey plastic" forever. It will arrive soon or later.
  8. They're fully implemented. But first, you need to turn on the signal flares, and the horn, using the CC. There are 3 blocks, the one you need to click, is on the left bottom block, on the full right of that row.
  9. It will take a couple of Defogs to completly defog the canopy, yesterday I did a test and needed 3 Defog to half defog the canopy.
  10. paco2002

    Belogua CB

    I think there is no bombing table, and the belouga in the C101 will deploy bomblets as soon as it is dropped. not sure tho
  11. Hello Deka, I have been having issues to hit ships with the C802AK, I have been doing some tests, and it looks like it have some issue with the Terraing Following Radar, or with the Autopilot. The missile will start shaking a lot, and it can even crash due to that, in this track, we have another result, the missiles they will just start skimming, and crashing to the water. Please, this is a big issue with the antishipping. Thanks, keep up the hard work! C802AK Report TFR.trk
  12. Thanks to both of you for the quick reply!
  13. They act different, because they are laser guided bombs, so they have some gap to actuate, since they're going to impact on the laser, there is no need to limitate as much as a Mk82 series
  14. I will be direct, i've been trying to use the C101CC TACAN, but I cannot found how to turn it on and use it. Is there any quick tutorial to learn how to use the TACAN on the C101CC? I know how to use it on the EB
  15. That's a good idea, but I would say to put a checkbox on the "Specials" menu in DCS. Maybe people with perf purposed cockpit doesn't have issues with fog.
  16. There is night mode in HUD? show me a picture please
  17. You can do that already, just, open your rearm and refuel menu, and select "Dismount Pylon" and that will work
  18. What? How did you do that? I have been doing that to see what happens, and the wheels wont come up thanks tho the Weight On Wheels
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