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  1. I would think the same as you guys, we need an option to add or not the IR Supressors in the rearming window, I only play multiplayer, and is frustrating to fly with the supressors, because I may not need it for the mission I'm doing on that moment. Pleeeease, listen us ED!
  2. When the chip tail light is turned on, you have to expect a tail rotor failure. About repairing and having a tail rotor failure, it may have been a bug, try to repair again and see what happens
  3. Calm down a bit! If you turn the camera on and off on the AKG, you will autodestroy it!!! Don't do thaaaaat!! The auto pilot issue is under investigation and I'm sure it will be fixed pretty soon.
  4. @davidfercasThat happened to me. You need to turn the air conditioning on the cockpit. On the right hand side, you need set it to ON. If you don't set it to ON, the pression will reach the yellow zone and you will pass out. The issue with the C101 is that there is no "grey-out" (IN MULTIPLAYER) due to oxygen issues, but there is grey out due to Gs. This issue should be solved ASAP AvioDev!
  5. You sure that's a bug? You have to check that the G-suit and the oxigen valve is open, and oxigen mask also connected. Without that, your will go hypoxic
  6. I hope yes, since IRL can be fitted on or off, so this should be an option on the Rearm and Refuel menu.
  7. It is true. The JF-17 has freezing pilot, and can die from cold, or hot, if you have cold, you will hear your teeth crashing into each other. And if you are too hot, you will gray out till you die. And yes, that will also happen on Persian Gulf in the middle of the day (Depending months, can be cold outside). Furthermore, if you are having cold, the plane joystick will shake and your surfaces will also shake due to that. And you need to control your ECS (Envairomental control system) temperature, or you can fog your canopy, if you start fogging, you will need to de-fog (obviusly). You can press the de-fog button and let the system do it's job, or you can control the temperature to avoid that while you're climbing. So, yes, don't let your pilot die on parking lol.
  8. That's because the Pilot is dying from freezing. Close your canopy, turn on the air conditioning and it will stop. Don't let your pilot die from freezing lol
  9. Heh, both treads are mine, and still happens to these days... So sad, really god sim, ruined by this bug. We are loosing a lot of FPS for no reason, our PC can run DCS smoother, but DCS has something that changes when the program is not on focus. It can be fixed if that thing that changes would be always on (or off, wathever). Fingers crossed for a fix... Almost a year later...
  10. If the number 26 argument is set at 1.0, it will make the nose gunner to appear. This machine gunner has been used IRL, and I think this was planned, but due to time it could't get completed. It is a 7.62 Machine gunner. It could be a good addition to the Helo itself.
  11. Could we please get the nose gunner from the Mi-8? There are the 3D files and arguments in the game and helo itself, but it needs more developement. It is "Half-baked" so it would be a great idea to finish that thanks.
  12. I don't like those thing from ED, they sometimes counter-answer themselves without need to do so. Just need to be transparent.
  13. This please!!!! Note: You can already unmount hardpoints via ground crew. When you select the pylon, just click on delete support, and it will unmount the hardpoints and the gunsight
  14. As J20Stronk said, when you have your canopy sealed, you don't want your batteries to turn off... It could be a bad idea to do that
  15. I mean... That's quite a heavy payload for what it usually carries
  16. Neither I, I think this is a core issue not fixeable by individuals
  17. It has been said by Deka, that the JF-17 doesn't bend it's wing on the videos. I know every wing bend, but it may bend so little that it is an insignificant movement on the wing, and may it isn't worth it to develope it for so little movement.
  18. Can I ask when can we expect the other variants for the F14A? I am waiting the Iranian and the Early A version
  19. Lights still broken... Maybe after half a year of no dome lights, would be a great idea to fix this don't you think Eagle Dynamics?
  20. The JF-17 doesn't bend his wings IRL, so no effect will be included in DCS
  21. It is not a Joke, have a look at the changelog, it's there for something!
  22. That has been like that for some months. The engine cannot get enough air to use AB in that situation.
  23. You can change your cabin temp gradually and adjust it. That way you can prevent fog, at least for certain altitudes
  24. @uboats Quick question. This will be a update to the actual JF-17 easter egg? Or it will be a new one?
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