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  1. I would say that that thing can't be removed
  2. Same here, i had a situation we're i had an enemy in front of me with the ACM modes and it just didn't lock
  3. The day is approaching, but we still don't know the money that this is gonna cost. Any news on that?
  4. Can you hear it? is my wallet going empy!
  5. Mi8, Gunsight "problem/issue" Hello everyone. Im a VR user, and i love the Mi8, but i have a problem with the Gunsight, the problem is that is really uncoftable to fly the Mi8 because it has the gunsight in the middle of the face, you have to move your body left or right and (at least in my case) my neck and my back will start hurting. I know that I'm not the only one who is suffering this, that's why i made this thread, I think a fix to this would be to have a simple option to click in the cockpit gunsight to make it dissapear. I know it sounds so "Unrealistic" but in real life you can fly the Mi8 with and without gunsight. And be honest, doesn't the C101/F18 has the hablity to click in the Joystick and make them dissapear? Why we can't have that but for the Mi8 and the pilot gunsight? * I know you can disable the hardpoints and the gunsight with that, but if i disable the gunsight i will no longer have the hablity to load door gunners. ** And i'm asking this for mainly the multiplayer, because when you join a server you don't have the hablity to add an slot that doesn't have waypoints and another one that has, appart from that i would rarely think that if i told any server admin to add that would tell me no because its "idiots work" to add something that's added. *** I made another thread about this, but it wasn't in the bugs/problem section, and i see this as a problem, so I decided to make this.
  6. And i Will add that they did the same with the F/A 18/C101 HOTAS Stick controls; you can set them to invisible by clicking the base of the stick, i should ask the same for helo gunsights aswell.
  7. Mate this is not War Thunder LOL
  8. I think it could be a Good idea to add it.
  9. This is not about "show me that this situation happened in real life" I can show you videos that all the 3 situations that you showed me in the photo happened in Real Life, and is a simple thing that is called "Have the ability to fly without hurting your neck when flying the helo in VR". I just want that, and by the way, you don't need a gunsight for carriying turrets in the helicoter, thing that you cannot do if you remove the hardpoints ;)
  10. If you look at YouTube, you can see videos in Siria with the Mi8 with tropos loaded and without gunsight, aswell as you can see the same Mi8 with rockets and gunsight but without the EVU. Is not about the module, is about that the module is capable to do so, that's my point.
  11. Aswell as rearming a plane would take more than 15 seconds, but you can reload a Su25T full of rockets in 20 seconds, while in real life would take more than that, for the simply reason that bringing the payload from the place were they have it, till the plane would take around 15 mins. Let's be honest, i love DCS, and it's a really Good simulator, but we cannot try to sim everything, because then, we would have to die each time that we get shot down xD. I just want to fly without breaking my neck in VR, and enjoy such a nice helo, and i don't think is such a big work to do, it could be introduced as a button, like when you press right shift + P and the pilot appears/dissapears, they could do the same but with the gunsight, I don't really think thats "not posible" IMO
  12. That's the biggest problema that i have with the gunsight, and i don't know why, but i get a Little sick when i fly the Mi8 fron the co-pilot view, i think many hours flying the Mi8 :lol:
  13. Problem is when you're not hosting the server, or/and it's a campaing server, with thousands of units. I can't ask for a mission rebuilding because I wan't to de-actívate the EVU and the Gunsight, that's why i ask for a way to do this. And also, from my point of view, i think that if i still should have the option to actívate or de-actívate both things in the F8 menú, because if i want guns or something, i only would have to load them, but if i have to use another slot, I would have to start again the Mi8, wich is not fun, slower, and anti-climatic in some dynamics scenarios.
  14. De ese mod no se sabe nada desde hace bastante bastante tiempo, mientras, ahí tienes el Tarawa
  15. I don't really now how to do that, but if you need someone to try a mod, i can do it, i don't have any problem on breaking my DCS :lol:
  16. Yes, i understand, the problem was that not always you need the Gunsight, so its a bit frustrating sometimes you're doing gunshipping and you got the gunsight there, when you have no weaponry, was that. Thanks!
  17. The point is not about the server, is about having the hability to modify that in the F8 menu (Rearm menu)
  18. I know, but i'm speaking about, for example, entering a server we're you got the Mi8 with the EVU and gunsight and you don't wan't them. I was speaking about this situation that is the most common one. Btw, for example the UH-1H has a gunsight that you can move out of the way when you don't need it, that could be a Good adittion.
  19. Hello! I would like to ask if is there a way to remove the EVU and the Gunsight when in a server. At least i think we should have a keybind to remove the gunsight, because, at least in VR is really unconftable. It's literally in the middle, and sometimes you really don't use it, because you can do other stuff like slinging or go as a gunship, and in that roles you don't use the sight. If someone knows a way to remove them in game, tell me please! Thanks!
  20. Hello, i saw that trough the liveries codes you can select to add the EVU when you select that skin, but is there any way to remove them when they're added? And you can remove the sight of the cockpit when you're ingame? Thanks! Love the skins that i saw here!!
  21. About this, the retroilumination of the instruments is really dim, i cannot see them at night, could this be reviewed Bignewy?
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