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  1. That's due to the Sparrow loaded on an incorrect pylon
  2. I have to ask, why you posted it on the JF-17 section????
  3. I think this is interesting, @uboats anything about this topic?
  4. He is involved in the C919 from Real Life, Deka it's not developing a C919. Anyway, this can get you a Smile:
  5. China doesn't uses the JF-17. Here it is a photo with some of the armament.
  6. That's clearly not correct, has to be fixed, it literally flashbang your vision on VR
  7. IIRC Deka said that Pakistan had they're own series of bombs, but it would be the same as the Mk. series of bombs, so no diference.
  8. AMD GPU + CPU user here. Happens to me each 10 mins or 15 mins on Tactical Commander slot, this is a issue it should get solved ASAP, because it's impossible to play without UI. How can I help? I don't think it happens because I did something in Tact. Commander, it just happens while idling on that slot.
  9. Hey! As it may take a couple of days or hours for this to be seen by vibora, here you have the modified .lua of the files. Just paste it inside the skin folder you want (I made green and desert) and leave the name of the file as "description.lua". As easy as that You need to go to: "Installation Drive:\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\C-101\Liveries\C-101CC\CLAEX Green | Desert Camu Skin - Centro Logistico de Armamento y Experimentacion Desertdescription.lua Greendescription.lua
  10. No, there is no 3D Pilot. We are still waiting for it
  11. I would face it the other way. With the info we have, and the weapons compability of the plane, we would be able to fit a GBU-12 without breaking any limitation of the wing, pylon, hardpoint, etc... If yes, then it should be in, if not, the it shouldn't be in. Of course, that is my opinion.
  12. Here I differ with you opinion, we are simulating the C101 that has Jordania or some Air Force? Or we are simulating a C101 with all the posibilities? I would say it's the second.
  13. Phoenix and AIM-7 are not the same as an AMRAAM, but an Mk-82 and GBU-12, in the other hand, it is. That's the point of it, Maybe Jordania didn't bought GBUs, but thecnically the plane could be loaded with thems. Maybe some help from @Viboraand/or SME could help on this topic. And to be clear, I know what you are trying to tell me @QuiGon, But it's not the same situation, of course no one would add for Heatblur to add AMRAAMs to the cat.
  14. I mean, what more do you want me to do? DCS is DCS, we know it doesn't simulate effects on stores, so... Take it or leave it I guess, that's everything I could make for checking that the GBU can be installed in a C101
  15. So, I decided to mod the GBU-12 onto the C101 (Doesn't have a pylon because I'ts a modded weapon). Here are the results: On one picture you can see that the bomb is almost identical in size, as I said, the pylon is invisible, but the X/Y pos is correct. Major visual diference is the fact that the nose of the GBU is in front of the Mk-82, wich is normal because of the GBU kit. Next, I will do the drop test to see if it hits the aircraft while deploying the winglets. It starts opening the winglets, but It doesn't hit anything on the aircraft And when it's fully opened, it's too far away from the wing, and has a safe distance for the Mk-82 on the other pylon. So... I think this is the close as we can get for a real test on a C-101, If someone wants more tests, I will be pleased to do them. Hopefully we will get the GBU-12 (With pylons hopefully lol)
  16. They don't need to do assitional test to know if the bomb can be used, since the base (body of the bombs) is the same, weight is also the same, the only change is the kit they add, but that kit only looks for a laser (laser code has been set by ground crew) and the head of the kit manages to manouver the winglets the kit itsel has. So pretty much would be a "change and load" to be used. You can think the same with the APKWS, it uses the same rack as normal rockets, if you load an APKWS on a UH-1H, it could be used? Yes, they use the same base, APKWS is a normal rocket with a kit that looks for a laser, same as the GBU. Both weapons are designed to be used even without updates on the plane, but that would be on a "worst case scenario". Anyway, coming back to topic, if someone question is "But if you strap a GBU-12 kit to a Mk-82 of the Jordanian Air Force C101s, and drop it, It would work?" Yes, it would work. Hope it clears off a bit this messy thread
  17. I know, but, they've been working on parallel since the Mirage announcement I guess?
  18. You can already do that. Go to the outher pylons, and you have two options, one is the normal shturm, and the other one is the rack only
  19. You can unmount the hardpoints to make it lighter or "civil". But not the IR Supressors
  20. Don't mix things, AvioDev can work on both proyects, same as the Mi-24P and the Mi-8. I will just answer, what's the "issue"? So, a ground crew change the head of the Mk-82 and fit a GBU kit in 10 mins, and it's a "fantasy weapon"? Rudel, you cannot compare an ASM with a GBU-12 wich is a thing you can mod in 10 mins, so don't be silly with "fantasy weapons" please I beg you.
  21. Any update on this? It's little bit annoying to still use the Practice bomb paint scheme on the BR-250 but not on the BR-500
  22. Hey, I posted this topic about a year ago. So... Wanted to ask if it still possible to get them, it would be great fun to use it! And, I know that the plane didn't had it IRL, but, beign honest, a GBU-12, is the same as the Mk-82, like, literally the hardpoints are the same, they change the nose, and the tail, due to the GBU "tranformation kit" (Not real name, but you know what I mean). So @Vibora, any update on this topic? As an add on to those who say "It cannot designate", Mirage also can't, but it has GBUs, and are fun to use it! Finguers crossed!
  23. +1 I think Mi-24P dev should have a look at this topic, It has been a "hot topic" with the Mi-8 also, so they can do a 2x1!
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