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  1. Just wanted to know if work is under developement for the gunners on the Hind @BIGNEWYYou know something about them? Mi-24P news are not beign seen on the newsletter or in any place
  2. What do you mean? On NAV mode, the aircraft will draw a course line on the HSD. You can even see them on Ramsay picture above
  3. I'm not sure if it has EXP modes, cannot confirm that
  4. As I said, DCS doesn't support those reflections, those would require RTX, and forget about it on DCS if you don't want to play at 1FPS
  5. Indeed it is, and also PL-10
  6. This is the closest I could get to the photo you posted, It's not bad, but, of course, you cannot compare with real life, because in that photo you have the screen effect when you see a screen from the side, and also real time reflections, and in DCS we don't have that much effects. Basically, it would blow half the PCs that DCS is installed at
  7. The images from the JF-17 you are posting, are from the pre-launch photos, a LOT has been changed since it. Now it has reflections on the screen, and fog simulation and a lot of other things. I can promise you that the cockpit is not the same that in the photo, it's much better.
  8. That is correct, same happens to me. I would choose to give time to Deka, is not a big team, and they have to work with the under developement API, so it will be better with the time I guess. I have no rush on it honestly
  9. JF-17 uses the Link-17 datalink system, wich is only compatible with NATO protocols. IIRC the KJ-2000 uses the K-type protocole wich is not compatible with Link-17 datalink protocols. So, that's not a bug. The drop tanks might be, I didn't saw it, so check for mods or something.
  10. Weird, I don't have those issues. I will force a couple of rearms and see if it CTD in my PC
  11. So... It may a bug, but it may be not. The fire prevention system, will use a fire extinguisher bottle, and will prevent the engine from starting it up again. Can you try on de-activating the FPS and trying to start the engine again?
  12. There are some issues with rendering that has to be fixed by ED
  13. The poor FCS system is having a issues thinking why is doing a SkyJump lol El pobre Flight Control System del avión tiene que estar flipando al ver que esta haciendo un sky jump JJAJAAJA
  14. The complete manual is still under developement, there have been couple issues with the team (health issues IIRC), So yes, we are all in the same ship, but I can live with it, and I would love to have a complete manual as much as you
  15. That's due to the Sparrow loaded on an incorrect pylon
  16. I have to ask, why you posted it on the JF-17 section????
  17. I think this is interesting, @uboats anything about this topic?
  18. He is involved in the C919 from Real Life, Deka it's not developing a C919. Anyway, this can get you a Smile:
  19. China doesn't uses the JF-17. Here it is a photo with some of the armament.
  20. That's clearly not correct, has to be fixed, it literally flashbang your vision on VR
  21. IIRC Deka said that Pakistan had they're own series of bombs, but it would be the same as the Mk. series of bombs, so no diference.
  22. AMD GPU + CPU user here. Happens to me each 10 mins or 15 mins on Tactical Commander slot, this is a issue it should get solved ASAP, because it's impossible to play without UI. How can I help? I don't think it happens because I did something in Tact. Commander, it just happens while idling on that slot.
  23. Hey! As it may take a couple of days or hours for this to be seen by vibora, here you have the modified .lua of the files. Just paste it inside the skin folder you want (I made green and desert) and leave the name of the file as "description.lua". As easy as that You need to go to: "Installation Drive:\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\C-101\Liveries\C-101CC\CLAEX Green | Desert Camu Skin - Centro Logistico de Armamento y Experimentacion Desertdescription.lua Greendescription.lua
  24. No, there is no 3D Pilot. We are still waiting for it
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