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  1. Neither I, I think this is a core issue not fixeable by individuals
  2. It has been said by Deka, that the JF-17 doesn't bend it's wing on the videos. I know every wing bend, but it may bend so little that it is an insignificant movement on the wing, and may it isn't worth it to develope it for so little movement.
  3. Can I ask when can we expect the other variants for the F14A? I am waiting the Iranian and the Early A version
  4. Lights still broken... Maybe after half a year of no dome lights, would be a great idea to fix this don't you think Eagle Dynamics?
  5. The JF-17 doesn't bend his wings IRL, so no effect will be included in DCS
  6. It is not a Joke, have a look at the changelog, it's there for something!
  7. That has been like that for some months. The engine cannot get enough air to use AB in that situation.
  8. You can change your cabin temp gradually and adjust it. That way you can prevent fog, at least for certain altitudes
  9. @uboats Quick question. This will be a update to the actual JF-17 easter egg? Or it will be a new one?
  10. It has I think. The helmet and the ladder will dissapear if movement of the aircraft is detected. You can test this with a C101CC on cold start, and asking for bombs on the wings, you will see the ladder disseapearing and appearing again due to the movement of the plane made by the bombs on the wings
  11. Also, please, check that you choose the C101EB, because the skin you showed is from the EB variant, and not the CC.
  12. I rate this landing with a 9/10, he followed the PAPI Lights, but made a little bit too much flare Merry Christmas to everyone!
  13. But in the changelog, it says that the light effect is added, so, is the gun camera light? Which light is it?
  14. It's working, it has been fixed since 1 month ago. If it doen't work, you may doing something wrong.
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