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  1. Objects that "CAN BE CARGO", which is placed and linked to the carrier, cannot be slingloaded (hence there is no cargo to chose from in the F6 menu). But it works if the cargo is not linked with the boat, but then the cargo moves and slides of the boat while it is moving.
  2. In this case a player-controlled Huey. I am not sure though if this happens with other general boats aswell (not carriers).
  3. @toutenglisse Thanks so much, I got it working. I misinterpreted a file called morse_code_.ogg, instead of the morse_code.ogg.
  4. I do not see any script files in your miz-file.... so I cannot see your example. Also, I have already made a flag condition to keep the sound file in the miz-file. Edit: As I wrote before, the outSound command perfectly works fine with the path 'morse_code.ogg' (it even does not work with the path added to the script), but I have already tested the full path, with both slashes \ and / without any success.
  5. I have test script looking like this: p = trigger.misc.getZone('TriggerZoneFM').point Freq = 35 --Mhz Freq = Freq * 1000000 --Hz Power = 100 --W trigger.action.outText("Hello World! Testing output text to everyone! End Transmission. Sound should follow but will not.. :(", 10) trigger.action.radioTransmission('morse_code.ogg', p, radio.modulation.FM, true, Freq, Power) -- trigger.action.outSound('morse_code.ogg') I am unable to get the sound to work in the FM radio (Huey). Even tested other frequencies fitting for the UHF radio, and other frequencies fitting with AM-modulation for
  6. The building is there (Beirut), but there is no collision detection, falling through the building.
  7. I wonder, do the pilots have emergency FM radios for sending signals after they have crashed/ejected, in real-life I mean? Edit: Never mind https://swampland.time.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2014/02/an_urt44-ds.pdf
  8. Okay, thanks. It was not too hard actually if you are using shorter ropes.
  9. I wonder if a good temporary view exists as in the Mi-8, i.e. to check the slingload position when lowering it to the ground and/or if it is swinging or not. Any good tips to lowering/releasing the slingload to the ground with precision?
  10. Recently bought the MI-8 and this campaign! Have not had this fun in years in DCS! Awesome fun and great job! I have only completed 3 missions as of yet, I really like the winter flying with this helicopter, cosy feeling. First mission though is very hard though, I guess it gets easier if using rudder-trim? I do not have this option on, anyone uses rudder trim with spring-loaded pedals (in this case I am using racing-pedals with combined axes).
  11. Or it is something wonky with my Windows-system, as it seems to work for others? Or maybe not so many people are using this DCE campaign system... I wonder though, I have attacked that persistent and annoying uboat several times, record is 62% damage with the help of three of my wingmans. Still I fail that mission, and it has 100% life in debriefing. I thought the damage would be cumulative through missions in the campaign? Maybe I should try the P51 or P47 and see if they have better munitions.
  12. What about the damage model of U-Boats. I have been bombing them with 4 spitfires, and the record is 62% damage, and even then the Uboat shoots back frequently. I wonder, how many bomb-runs it takes to sink a german U-Boat? And yeah, the Spitfires may not be made for it maybe.... I am not so good at history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyBgqLzwjsw
  13. @Scotch75 Okay, got it working now. Needed to do 2 things plus 1 which I did earlier, and maybe a fourth thing: 1. Create a folder named Active in your Campaign folder. 2. Create a folder named Debriefing in your Campaign folder. (The folder structure should look like the attached image file in this post) 3. Download the updated EventsTracker.lua file (and replace the original one as instructed) from user @kgd192 from this post (I guess then you need to fully specify the DCS saved games folder in the path.bat file in the Init folder): 4. Maybe run
  14. Sadly it seems, the error-dialog still comes up (even though units has been killed), but a new mission has been generated though... Running DEBUG_DebriefMission.bat I still get this: I:\Spel\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\luae.exe: ..\..\..\ScriptsMod.20.38.01\Debrief_Master.lua:46: attempt to call a nil value stack traceback: ..\..\..\ScriptsMod.20.38.01\Debrief_Master.lua:46: in main chunk [C]: ? Line 46 in Debrief_Master.lua tries to load the file: MissionEventsLog.lua which seems not to be generated (cannot find it). Oh well.
  15. Not what I believe of, it is hard to kill submarines with only two Spitfires. I will try to kill something this time. Also, I am not sure if I should have the savedGame path in path.bat set to the full path, or only: set "pathSavedGames=Saved Games\DCS\"
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