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  1. Not ideal, but you could define polygon zones in the editor around trees in the ME. https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS/Documentation/Functional.Detection.html
  2. You might expect a manual for $1000 euro, but I'm surprised that anyone would want to actually read a joystick manual unless it's about how to do mechanical adjustments. Winwing and Thrustmaster joysticks are "dumb" input devices in the same way. They simply send on/off button or axis values to a standard joystick interface. You need to do what everyone else does which is to use software like Gremlin, Helios, DCS-BIOS, FreePIE or DCS-BIOS to do any sort of control logic. In my experience, Target software is total garbage. It took me 10 years, but I have
  3. There is a technique where you can "overscale" the video resolution of the monitor that displays the DCS VR to 4K and then do a screen capture. This can be done in the NVidia CP in adjust size and position. This has worked better for me fps-wise over using VR mirrors, etc. You only capture one eye, which can make things look shifted, but for me it's smoother than other methods.
  4. Update for anyone having the same problem. It appears to be a hardware/driver issue with the intel LAN interface on my Mobo. I switched from Ethernet to USB wifi and that resolved all these issues. The ASUS Z390-A motherboard has an intel i219-V Lan interface. For some reason, DCS triggers some sort of hardware failure, but I don't think DCS is to blame. intel is known to have LAN hardware bugs with no workaround, but nothing specific on the i219-v I could find. I ordered a USB 3.0 Ethernet adapter and will call it a day if that works. PITA
  5. It -seems- like DCS is somehow locking up my PC Ethernet interface. It happens every time I play MP. I've been struggling with this for days and hope someone might have some ideas for this. - Everything works great in Multiplayer for maybe 10 minutes. - Suddenly, my PC loses internet entirely (browser, discord, etc) - I'm completely desynced from the DCS server, but I can still play. DCS never crashes or anything. - Internet does not recover until I exit DCS or reset network card. I don't have similar problems with anything else I have tried re
  6. This may not answer your question exactly, but I run a 1080ti with 3 monitors, VR and a Mimo USB touchscreen monitor. I use that with Helios. You could run 2 USB monitors no problem.
  7. Do you have multiplayer chat turned on? That should report who or what killed you.
  8. WOW! This is incredible work! I would pay $400 for that if it had an MFD display and OLEDs. I think we can make one. Your sim pit is amazing and is similar to what I'm working towards. I'll get some photos uploaded sometime. Thank you also for releasing the STLs for all of those switches. That is a ton of work. I also really appreciate the design here. The layouts look extremely good and compact and versatile for different planes. I have an electronics design background, so I can make circuit boards and all firmware with mounted switches, rotaries, OLED, whate
  9. Ah yes. Thanks for the info on Simhub. You are right. That is what I'm thinking of. Simhub projects are all car racing, but I can see how you could do a DCS input controller. I guess that's I'm trying to do. Simhub for DCS. I still like what you are doing with the OLEDs. It might be useful to use OLEDs on a "Simhub" panel. I use arduinos where I can, but I have a ton of Atmel chips on rolls of tape. I'd spin my own boards and use ATMEL studio to write and burn the code. I'd probably do i2c control between different circuit boards with switches, OLEDs, dials, e
  10. Les - This is a good example of what I'm thinking: https://imgur.com/gallery/dkaXGAj#fGHVICn We would basically create our own Cougar MFD overlay (with more switches, etc) that would go over a monitor display. Is this basically what you're thinking too? Of course, we can create the overlay to be whatever we want including the MFD switches and other game specific layouts.
  11. Great. I can work with Solidworks. I used to use Autodesk Fusion, but the free subscription ran out. For the electronics, I used to use Altium, but I'm working with KiCAD recently. I like it. I can sketch up a rough block diagram for the electronics that we could talk about. Let me know what you come up with. I'd really like to do something with this. Matt
  12. Very interesting Les. I have one of these momo USB monitors that I found on Ebay for $40 https://www.mimomonitors.com/products/mimo-vue-hd-display-um-1080c-usb-capacitive-touch I use it with HELIOS. The touch screen is ok, but it's not as good as real physical buttons. I have an idea of doing a switch panel "overlay" that would be attached to the MOMO screen. It would be a circuit board with switches and rotaries in a 3D printed or resin mold overlay with a USB interface for the switches to the PC. The overlay would have "cutouts" in t
  13. Les, That is a very impressive display. Are these touch sensitive or push buttons? Electronics look interesting. Almost like a home spun board back there?
  14. Are you using trim controls? Warbirds need to be trimmed often, especially when you take off and change RPM or lose weight (fuel,weapons). You need to balance the torque of the engine.
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