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  1. That’s Iranian-accented English, pretty familiar to those who’ve heard it a lot….although shouldn’t it be obvious from the context?
  2. This is really outstanding work. I've been wondering for YEARS now how DCS has somehow never had a livery manager made by the user community when it seems that every other flight sim out there has. So I really appreciate the work you've put into this! Understanding that this is a command-line utility rather than a GUI, I wanted to pose this question: manually importing DCS user files IDs or links is a very different process from how I currently install skins, and I'm wondering if there's any possibility of your tool eventually being able to be just be set as 'open with' in Windows right-click menu? I tend to download a whole bunch of skins at once and then import them into OVGME. In other words, do you foresee any means of using your tool to operate on individual already-downloaded skin zip files? For me at least, that would tremendously boost its utility.
  3. Agreed, this looks awesome! I plan to give this a try soon.
  4. I second that! One of my obligatory apps now -- TrackIR, SimShaker, DCS Moving Map. Really appreciate your work on this!
  5. Ah yes, sorry, I did indeed mean СAП = SAP, which I just confirmed corresponds to turning ECM on.
  6. After much too long I am finally putting some time into the MiG-29 and recently started the Over the Hump campaign. Twice in the first two missions at some point I’ve had the above letters show up on the left side of the HUD halfway down the tape. I guess this would transliterate to SDP, but does anybody know what it means?
  7. Everything works, just no longer needed. $100 shipped within the US. http://derekspearedesigns.com/2014-trackzilla.html
  8. Haha ok so, super high-tech then... Nice easy solution, thanks for the idea.
  9. Can you provide details on your quick release? I’ve got a damper too and have had my spring removed for awhile now, which obviously isn’t ideal.
  10. Wow, this looks incredible. As I possess zero ability to do anything beyond very basic wood work, I would absolutely be a day-one customer for a finished build! So I'm hoping you get to that point soon.
  11. SOLD Bought new in 2020, never used for mining and rarely overclocked. It's in perfect condition with no problems whatsoever. Looks like scalpers are selling this same card for close to $2000 on eBay. $1000 and free shipping within the US.
  12. Iain Christie just did another in his iron bombing series: He basically uses the bottom of the reticle as a general aiming point and it seems to work pretty well.
  13. I hope Mikhail doesn’t mind me posting this here, but I’m selling mine here and so could save people in the US some waiting time if they’re interested. I had no complaints with the collective at all, really loved it but just decided to use a different one.
  14. Very interesting, I stand corrected then. This is where, again, clarification direct from ED would be incredibly helpful. I seem to recall that the trimmer options in one of the other modules was changed at some point such that instead of there being the default option of 0.5 seconds to return to center, and the center trimmer method where you have infinite time to return to center, one of them was dropped to make it simpler for users. Maybe I’m wrong on that but I thought I recalled that happening. Either way, if you’re saying the default option works for you and you have 0.5 seconds to return to center, that’s good to know and I’ll give that a try tonight.
  15. Excellent video, thanks! Looking forward to more.
  16. What kind of stick are you using, and what trimmer option have you set in the Special tab?
  17. OK no, I just verified that choosing 'default' makes things worse, as this option is clearly intended for FFB sticks where it is not assumed that the stick will return to center after being trimmed. From some more testing and looking at the controls indicator, it can clearly be seen the Central Position option is most suited to sticks with springs, but by its nature it's not possible to do multiple small trims rather than one big one, since stick input is ignored until returned to center. Additionally, whenever the trimmer button is released and stick returned to center, immediately upon returning to center a slight 'bump' is seen in the direction the stick was trimmed. This must be the bug that VitMax cited and that everyone has noticed as the additional undesired movement of the cyclic after they've trimmed. Doesn't seem to be any way around either of these problems until the bug is fixed.
  18. Yes, VitMax thank you for such a helpful post explaining both the way it is supposed to work and the bug. Your explanation I think answers most of the questions that we all have been having about the trim system up to this point. Until the bug is fixed, this also suggests that the bug’s effect can be minimized by doing frequent trimming and thus not allowing big differences in cyclic position to accrue between trimming. That would argue for doing lots of press and releases as we move the stick instead of the press move release or move press release methods that presumably most of us have been doing up to now. However, for those of us with spring sticks, having to constantly move the stick back to center after every press and release would get annoying very quickly, so I wonder if therefore we should try the default FFB option in the special options menu?
  19. Just wanted to say thanks for this little mission - nice and simple.
  20. I never imagined DCS and poetry overlapping but this is brilliant!
  21. Example: 'Readjust free turbine RPM' can cover the 'AP Yaw On' tooltip even with seat and controls hidden. Mi-24P Tooltips Overlap.trk
  22. Can you explain this part more? I can't quite understand what you mean here.
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