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  1. Sorry for the delay, I just saw this now. I bought from the Microsoft store, and they had free shipping and returns: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/hp-reverb-g2-vr-headset/93qb262d0514 Seems they’re out of stock at the moment though.
  2. I should also note that I really do think that the astigmatism in both of my eyes plays a large role in my continued dissatisfaction with VR. I know from experience that whenever I try to start wearing contacts, it’s extremely frustrating how whenever the lenses get even a little bit out of rotation my vision gets blurry. I think wearing my glasses inside the headset replicates the same problem, in that as soon as they’re a little bit out of alignment with my eyes my image is not sharp anymore; that’s why I said I think that the add-on lenses would’ve helped, but likely would not have comple
  3. The lenses were apparently going to take 4-5 weeks minimum, so no I never got to try them. But I did spend about 8 hours in total trying every conceivable combo of SS, motion smoothing, reprojection etc. I began by following the guidelines provided by several users in this forum, as well as the excellent guides on VR4DCS. I overclocked both my CPU and GPU by about 10% each, so I think I was squeezing the maximum potential out of my system hardware wise. Although I listed all of the reasons in my previous post, by far the most important one for me was simply the lack of image clarity compar
  4. Well, experiment over. :) I've decided to return my G2. Here's why: - While clearly better than the last time I tried VR two years ago, it's still not up to the level that I personally would need to see in order to move away from my 4k monitor. I think that the average DCS user who has better eyesight than myself, and has gotten accustomed to playing at 1080p or 1440p on say a 27-inch monitor, would understandably be blown away by the clarity and performance offered by the G2. But as I noted before, I think I've gotten spoiled by having been using a large 4k monitor for years now, where
  5. Can one of you guys post a screenshot of the new menu options that were added to force framerate locking? I’m using a G2 and according to the VR2DCS site, DCS uses SteamVR as its compositor too, so if that’s true, then according to the beta changelog notes this should work for G2s also.
  6. I have been happy playing on a large 4K monitor for several years now. About every two years I try out the latest VR headset and inevitably sell or return it as it doesn’t seem worth trading away my high detail 4K setup quite yet. Just yesterday I got a Reverb G2 and I tested in DCS for the first time last night. There’s no doubt that it is a significant improvement over the Samsung Odyssey that I tried last time. I’m not quite ready to pass judgment on it yet, especially as I also want to try it out in some other sims, but it’s definitely impressive. I immediately noticed details in the coc
  7. EDIT: SOLD. Fits the Gunfighter Mk II/III base. Selling as I upgraded to the MCG Ultimate grip and no longer need this one. It's in perfect condition, no problems at all. $100 plus shipping within the US. Goes for $160 new online from VKB plus $27 shipping.
  8. Hey, cool idea there, thanks for mentioning that. For the kneeboards commands I tend to just reach forward and use my keyboard, but sure would be nice to have them on the stick without sacrificing 'real' buttons in the process.
  9. As a temporary fix, seems the screw that secures the grip attachment point to the base also fits the twist lock hole. So I’m using the screw from my MCG Pro for now. It’s a bit too long, and doesn’t 100% prevent twisting, but it’s better than nothing.
  10. Has anyone else’s boxes included a little screw for locking the twist mechanism? I just realized that seems to be the one thing missing from mine.
  11. Got mine today too. LOVE IT! Such a different, and better, feel. The only extremely minor complaint I might have would be that the lower left hat switch, which should be labeled 'GATE CONT', has been stamped twice in slightly differnt places, making it unreadable. But personally I couldn't care less. The weightiness, the higher quality switches, the customizabillity -- I already swapped out that lower left hat for the 'knobbed' version -- this thing is gorgeous. Very happy with the purchase, although sort of not looking forward to having to figure out again how to map everythi
  12. I've got a JetSeat that I bought new 2 years ago but no longer need. It's in perfect condition, no problems at all. Selling for $125 plus shipping.
  13. I’m long overdue on giving the Viggen the attention it deserves, so I’m very much looking forward to going through the guide as I learn this beast. Thanks for your hard work yet again!
  14. This looks incredible, and as a very happy MCG Pro/GF3 owner, I’ll absolutely be upgrading to this beauty!
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