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  1. Selling several simpit items; costs include free shipping within the US: - Brand new, unopened box of Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs: $70 (goes for $90 online) - WinWing Takeoff Panel: $150 (goes for $180 shipped new online from WinWing) - WinWing Combat Panel: $140 (goes for $170 shipped new online from WinWing) - Logitech Throttle Quadrant: $40 (goes for $60 new online) All are in perfect condition with no problems at all.
  2. In training mission 8, the AIM-120 / Link-16 lesson: after downing the Su-24s, the voiceover instructs you to fly to steerpoint 3 in order to engage the Tu-22s -- but it should be steerpoint 2. In training mission 9, AIM-9X / HMCS: when setting up to chase the Su-25s, the voiceover instructs you to use the left MFD to switch to ACM mode and then 'press OSB2 twice to enter boresight mode'; but it actually requires 3 presses, as you start in 20, then 60, then slew, then bore.
  3. Ah yes, thank you. Soooo .... might we expect an updated set of these incredibly well-done training missions to be available some time soon? Pleeeeease?
  4. Anyone know if these are working with the 2.0 version of the A-4 mod?
  5. That’s Iranian-accented English, pretty familiar to those who’ve heard it a lot….although shouldn’t it be obvious from the context?
  6. This is really outstanding work. I've been wondering for YEARS now how DCS has somehow never had a livery manager made by the user community when it seems that every other flight sim out there has. So I really appreciate the work you've put into this! Understanding that this is a command-line utility rather than a GUI, I wanted to pose this question: manually importing DCS user files IDs or links is a very different process from how I currently install skins, and I'm wondering if there's any possibility of your tool eventually being able to be just be set as 'open with' in Windows right-click menu? I tend to download a whole bunch of skins at once and then import them into OVGME. In other words, do you foresee any means of using your tool to operate on individual already-downloaded skin zip files? For me at least, that would tremendously boost its utility.
  7. Agreed, this looks awesome! I plan to give this a try soon.
  8. I second that! One of my obligatory apps now -- TrackIR, SimShaker, DCS Moving Map. Really appreciate your work on this!
  9. Ah yes, sorry, I did indeed mean СAП = SAP, which I just confirmed corresponds to turning ECM on.
  10. After much too long I am finally putting some time into the MiG-29 and recently started the Over the Hump campaign. Twice in the first two missions at some point I’ve had the above letters show up on the left side of the HUD halfway down the tape. I guess this would transliterate to SDP, but does anybody know what it means?
  11. Everything works, just no longer needed. $100 shipped within the US. http://derekspearedesigns.com/2014-trackzilla.html
  12. Haha ok so, super high-tech then... Nice easy solution, thanks for the idea.
  13. Can you provide details on your quick release? I’ve got a damper too and have had my spring removed for awhile now, which obviously isn’t ideal.
  14. Wow, this looks incredible. As I possess zero ability to do anything beyond very basic wood work, I would absolutely be a day-one customer for a finished build! So I'm hoping you get to that point soon.
  15. SOLD Bought new in 2020, never used for mining and rarely overclocked. It's in perfect condition with no problems whatsoever. Looks like scalpers are selling this same card for close to $2000 on eBay. $1000 and free shipping within the US.
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