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  1. I have both, but I got the F-16 because I don't like carrier landings. But that's just me.
  2. I believe there is a road map for what's ahead.
  3. Looks like things are going great, having fun with this bird...
  4. We are getting videos really fast, we must be getting closer.
  5. Can't wait, will be watching this video over and over.
  6. It's getting about that time, can't sleep.
  7. I think it looks really good, just to add to the realism.
  8. These are two great modules by ED, and their videos. I love both aircraft and have watch these videos over and over..
  9. Completed modules would be great, why and more modules and spread yourself thin.
  10. I like the idea that we do get evolved platforms, one day we will have the F-18E.
  11. Iron Eagle was a fun movie for it's time.
  12. Why would we want to land a F-16 on a carrier, that's why there's the F-18 and other aircraft that can.
  13. My Oculus does not look good at all in DCS, everyone else says how great it is.
  14. I am just waiting for the F-16.
  15. Holy, Holy Holy lost for words. Great......
  16. Maybe a nice birthday gift or Christmas.....
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