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  1. This is an extremely significant Bug. It occurs on all maps, in cockpit or external views, and seems not to be improved by Nvidia driver settings or internal DCS graphic settings. I thought it might be occurring when the graphics card was at maximum usage, but it occurs on my Nvidia 1070 even when only half of video memory is being use. I am using Windows 7, 16 Gigs of RAM. This does not happen outside of DCS....nor is it improved by going back to a default Video card clock speed.
  2. Landing approach to Al Assad Airport in the Mig 21 starts off at 60 FPS and steadily drops to single digits. I tried this with a Mig 29 and there was no reduction in FPS. I have no clue why this happens in the Mig 21 and I have not tried to see if the poor performance occurs in other modules. See mission attached Mig21 Al Assad Landing Approach from the East.miz
  3. I had the same problem, but I removed most mods including the Edge 340. That fixed it. You can copy your Mod folder to the desktop as a backup. Then eliminate one by one the Mods in Aircraft and Tech that may be suspect. That is how I determined the most likely culprit. PS...I did a repair prior to trying this, with no ill effects.
  4. Debrief Dead Yes, same problem for me so far in all my F14 missions.
  5. It could be that your anti virus program blocked this file from being used....that is what happened to me....until I gave it explicit instructions to allow using the file, and made sure to have it list the DCS World directory as an exception to the scanning process.
  6. Bit Defender Issue I had this problem also, but I checked my Exception settings in Bit Defender, and added my Eagle Dynamics directories...and told Bit Defender to allow for the movement of the particular .dll file it was flagging. I then did a repair, and all is fine now.
  7. Black Shark 2 Key Error I reported the same issue above, but found this link about replacing the key by using the BS1 Key. Luckily, I still have my boxed CD of BS1 with the original key information on the manual.' So I followed the instructions and amazingly, I was advised upon starting DCS Beta again, in the module manager, that I now could install BS2. I did so, and now I have the correct key and everything works. I also did the same procedure for the stable version, and it too is now working with the new key for BS2. Clearly, the instructions on how to handle this sit
  8. Same problem reported In The installation bug section..it also is ocurring to me
  9. Black Shark 2 Key Error I am asked to supply the serial number....the key is already shown in the field, I hit bind...but it does not enable BS 2 to show up as one of my modules. I had previously rec'd the key listed to reflect my upgrade of BS 1 to BS 2. Happens each time I load the game.
  10. Today my Hotas Warthog Joystick is no longer working. It is a relative new joystick and I think the problem is some new software conflict. I re-installed the driver, which was done successfully per the Thrustmaster installer, and I am using the latest installation package. When I troubleshoot this via windows 7 device settings, I get the message "Thrustmaster HD Filter 01 doesn't have a driver" I have tried several times to re-install the drivers with the same result. I even copied my old drivers back in to the Thrustmaster directory from a backup, with no improvement. Every
  11. Things Re sharper With sharpening set to max I can easily read the warning messages on the f14 fuselage...so for me this setting works with no drop in fps.
  12. Does it Make a Difference I have enabled it but I have no clue if it really changes anything. Perhaps ED will comment soon as to its effect and optimal setting if it does work with DCS.
  13. Confirm with Warthog Controllers, Max engine never goes above 40%....and control indicator shows after burner position fulling engage on throttle axis....AB flame appears on F2 view. This should be easy to confirm by the developers by now.
  14. I have the Hotas Warthog...and I set up the Bomb Pickle button on the HW stick as button 2, as usual...for bomb releases. My results was that the bombs rarely dropped. Then I discovered that the space button on the keyboard which fires the guns also dropped the bombs....I had the fire guns of course mapped to my HW trigger...and pressing the trigger dropped the bombs. I could not find this as a reported bug....but at least for me it is. What can I do to fix this?...so that the HW button 2 drops the bombs , not the space key or the HW trigger.
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