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  1. IIRC HB stated that they will "eventually" add OBC somewhere down the road but that was a long time ago. I would personally love to see at least OBC class IIA/B and III (thats what is performed during startup). They don't really have to actually "do" anything (i.e. nothing ever fails except you did not turn on the respective system) except for showing the acronyms on the TID and move the ramps. IMO that would be the icing on top of a very complete systems modelling but I can understand how HB may want to spent resources somewhere more important.
  2. You didn't understand the question apparently, sorry for wasting your time
  3. Does your source specifically state that the CL values use that exact wing area?`If not then the wing area used to normalize the lift could be quite different from the 27.87 square meters you assumed (e.g. with/without LEX, some equivalent straight wing area). CL/CD/CM values depend heavily on the definition of the area they are normalized with, which is not always the physical area of the wing.
  4. The annunciator lights seem a lot more dim then before making them harder to read, but I guess thats on ED tweaking the lighting engine again...
  5. sLYFa

    VR Glove in game

    The gloves also correspond to your real hand position (as it was before). Now the gloves are about a half a hand-length forward of your actual hand.
  6. That won't help I'm afraid. The same stuff is being reported in the russian Mi-8 forum where devs acknowledge bugs but don't give any information other than "when we have time", "thats a DCS issue" etc. I guess they have their priorities shifted towards the Hind and what not
  7. There is no steering T in TWS-man since the steering point is only computed in TWS-A
  8. The fact that scenery building in DCS can be reduced to modelling tiny islands doesnt justify the need for open source scenery building tools. We are talking areas large enough for jet ops. I take NTTR as a substitute for a NAS over Miramar that looks like its from FS98 any time of the day. I would like to be proven wrong but I don't see that coming, at least not at the level ED got us used to.
  9. Do you realise how much effort it requires to build a map even half the size of e.g. NTTR to current standards, especially in densely populated areas like the US coastal regions? Noone is going to go down that road for free, so it doesn't matter what tools ED can provide to the community. The other sims where we have "a thriving scenery-building community" are completely different. The scenery there is limited to single airports, cities or orthophotos+vector data (i.e. roads, powerlines etc.), all build on a base world thats already available. Here, nothing is available and has to be made from
  10. Shutting down the F-14 is really no big deal, just do the following: -Right panels: turn off VDI, HUD, HSD ARA-64, Anti-ice (if you had it on) - Left panels: turn off radar altimeter, SAS and TACAN - Shut down right engine - Wait approx 10 seconds to verify pressure in the flight (i.e. right) hydraulic system is still up, meaning the hydraulic transfer pump is working - Turn off the hydraulic transfer pump, disarm the ejection seat, pull parking break, turn off UHF radio, oxygen and emergency generator, cage the standby gyro (that doesnt work right now though). -
  11. IIRC ED have repeatedly stated that: - No expansions to Nevada will be made - No new "training maps" (i.e. continental US airbases and their surrounding terrain like Miramar, Oceana etc.) will be developed. So no, you cant place anything off the coast of California in DCS simply because there is no California in DCS and there is no intention to change that.
  12. You can get a veeery minimal gain by unloading (i.e. about 0.5g) and sweeping the wings manually full aft but thats about it.
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