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  1. Yeah, saw that video the other day. That was indeed interesting. Wish the guy had shown us more of the cockpit though. Perhaps in a future video.
  2. Yep, found out to my dismay last night. How can something like this be passed on to "Stable Release" version? Might as well discard and use Open Beta.
  3. I use the "Stable Release" version of DCS World which got updated yesterday. Just flew the Mirage-2000C tonight with a mission I had made a while back and have been flying for the past few weeks. In that mission I have a cold start-up and the INS Alignment took the correct time to align. Now with the new update, the alignment takes less than a minute, maybe two at the most.
  4. Ah...thank you for the clarification.. I thought maybe I was losing my mind and/or my reading skills were sub-par.
  5. I've recently gotten back into the Mirage-2000C. Been flying it, creating missions for it etc. Love this little module. I've noticed something the past couple of weeks. There is No RWS Mode operating for the RDI radar. I'm only using Stable Release version of DCS, NOT Open Beta. For the past week, I've consulted Chuck's Guide to the Mirage, I've read through the official manual from RazBam on this aircraft and both indicate I should have a RWS mode for the RDI radar yet I only get either PID or PIC. I've combed through the bug reports here in the forums yet no on
  6. I'm a little late to the party Ed-B but this video from Wags may be of help. He made it specifically for people to understand how the key bindings work for the controller set-up. Hope this helps, cheers. http://youtu.be/nIXdazooP30
  7. You should further treat yourself and get the Super Carrier module when you can. I absolutely love bringing my Hornet to life on busy deck and then being directed by the aircraft handlers at the catapult. Then of course there is the catapult launch.
  8. @SydyThat was a great Mig-19 video!
  9. Thank you BigNewy. It really is horrible and makes it almost impossible locating enemy aircraft through those reflections.
  10. Yes, please ED. Please have someone, one of the superb artists on your team rework the reflections on the canopy. They do not help with seeing things outside the cockpit. It really hampers visibility.
  11. Spot on. It just disappoints me the amount of innuendos I see thrown at Third Party developers for a product that is in constant development of which the bye-product will be issues that rear up. To be a Third Party developer, let alone a flight sim developer; what a thankless job.
  12. Absolutely superb skinning @Eight Ball ! I'm already flooding with mission ideas in using these. Thanks.
  13. The bridge crossing over the major river in Map Grid DB00 is hovering way above the ground. Please see screenshots in photo section. The map by the way is absolutely wonderful!
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