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  1. Simple, activate the pluggin again if it was deactivated before. Run Voice Attack BEFORE DCS. Thats what I did to mine and it works fine now. The only thing I didnt try is AIRIO and Kneeboard feature (dont have it).
  2. Agree with this. Learning F-5 takes time and learning Viper and Hornet also take time. We play a simulation here so It wont cost anything if you crash and burn. Buy module which you're really want, save your money and time. My 2 cents
  3. After Vaicom plugin disable you need to run repair for DCS.
  4. Voiceattack itself is not affected by this new IC, its the Vaicom. I can use Voiceattack by disabling Vaicom pluggin and passed IC to play MP.
  5. I feel you. I'm considering going off from DCS for a while untill ED release a hotfix or something. Gonna play other games in my free time lol. Good luck gents
  6. So how to get into MP to pass the IC with Vaicom installed. Should I deactivate Vaicom pluggin or what ? Hope we get hotfix from ED to address this issue soon.
  7. Lol.... I'm happy for you all Mosquito guys. Enjoy and have fun tomorrow.
  8. Just took the MiG-29S online and its been a while for me. Man, I missed MiG-29k in Flanker 2.5. It was a blast with it. Hope we can have MiG-29 (any version) someday in the future.
  9. Is Android Lolipop still supported? I tried to use the app again after long time not use it and it kinda stop working. I can still open the app but when I tried accesing one of the functions it was just crashed. The only thing that could work is Ka-50 panel. Thanks
  10. This is old known issue and reported many times. Just wait for someone saying its normal to you lol.
  11. Seing picture of apache Hotas control and Mfd buttons really intimidating. My TM Warthog and TM Cougar Mfd seem not enough for it. What do you guys have in mind?
  12. Use JDAM. Fly really low and loft at them.
  13. For me its the other way around. "Select" often interpreted as "salute". I make "pick" as an alias for select and works fine now.
  14. Awesome, thanks alot Comrade. Now where is the donation button ?
  15. I can confirm this issue. I also have this issue
  16. I have 32 Gb ram but I don't play SP other than for testing when new update released and in some populate server like hoggit, DCS could eat 28 Gb of RAM even more. so if you have some money to burn why not ?
  17. Please correct me if I'm wrong, its around 16 players max according to ED
  18. Still patiently waiting for the elevation hehehe Thanks alot Comrade
  19. Nope. Its working fine on me. Its even better than Viper radar currently is AFAIK. I can shoot the darn Phoenix coming at me lol
  20. To avoid getting easily notched you can try flying at lower altitude than your target but the disadvantage is your missile range bit shorter than your opponent.
  21. F-16 tree strike. Try that in DCS even just little bit of tree tip will result in total loss (explode) with any aircrafts and helis AFAIK. I agree the result would be severe if you hit it on the big part of the tree but just little bit of tip ? Exploded?
  22. I second this request or whatever. Its just wrong when the plane hit only tip of tree and then become total loss.... explode. It seem simplified damage model. I remember seing youtube video an F-16 hit tree and managed to get to the base.
  23. I tried it again but on GS server (Washington supercarier) and cannot reproduce but this time I turned off NWS before launched. Was that the caused of this problem? Thanks.
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