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  1. Agreed. May I ask ED to buff it little bit. Yesterday someone in GS server launched all of his 4x73 at me and hit nothing but bunch of flares.
  2. I only couldnt open the ball joint (too afraid to push it) and the rest was more less the same with videos you could find on Youtube.
  3. So this means you mixed the original grease with the Nyogel? Way to go there Oceandar...:music_whistling: I did remove the original grease as much as I could ofc it was not really clean but I'm happy with the result. PS: those that say that sanding and greasing did give them a smooth stick movement have probably never used anything else...:joystick: Lol yes I don't have and probably would never have Virpil but I do have other joysticks (Hotas) like X52, CH Fighterstick and FFB2 sidewinder and I know for sure there's big different after greasing it with Nyogel.
  4. I regreased my Warthog stick with Nyogel 767a (bought it from Ebay) and the result is awesome. Waaaay better than the first time I got it. I didnt sand it (couldnt open it) only regreased with Nyogel. You do not need alot only little on articulated sphere and other contacts. The sticky has gone and it really is the best stick in its price range IMO. good luck.
  5. I just watched a tacview from GS server and saw a Phoenix doing 180° manouver chasing its target. Not judging it right or wrong but it was really hillarious :D
  6. I can move and resize with no problem. Place the mouse cursor on the upper of the kneeboard then drag. Its quite similar to any windows app.
  7. Excited about the new kneeboard. Its now can be dragged and resized. Since I'm using 2 mini LCDs attached on cougar MFD it was way off. I wish it could be placed permanently and didnt need to drag everytime reloaded the cockpit for new mission. Thanks ED.
  8. I don't mind more option in DCS as long as its technically (not sure if its correct word) possible. Could be good for gameplay purpose. DCS is still a game anyway. So adding APKWS to Viper or even Hornet has my support. Come on ED, please make it happen.
  9. It seem almost everyone got this problem. What happened? Hope its not hacker stuff or something.
  10. Wait for the sale and buy both hehehehe
  11. There were none at all, no TdrDelay and no TdrDdiDelay. I had to create it myself.
  12. If you mean in the windows registry, I've setted it to 2 right after I read your post above
  13. Yes I've tuned it down to 2 and after testing in several server for few hours I can say that I'm quite sure the problem was solved as I no longer have crash. My DCS is back on track :D Thanks again Flappie. Cheers
  14. I tried it and I added 60 as suggested on that link. Just flew in GS almost 2 hours without crashing while switch from F1 to F10 few times but at first I did have a crash when loading to join the server. It seems the trick has resolved the problem.... Well I hope.... :D I'm gonna test it again later. Thanks Flappie, you're indeed DCS ground crew. Cheers.
  15. Yes I overclock both CPU and GPU. My other games run normal without problem so I think my hardware is ok. This crash seems to be happened only when I switched to F10 (map view) then back to F1 (cockpit). It didnt crash and stable if F10 was not used. Thanks
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