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  1. Look at the top statistic in MP server like Blue Flag and Growling Sidewinder and the top fighter sitting in the first place (for A2A kills) is F-16 Viper. Its arguably easy to fly and fast (some says its rocket with wings). The Tomcat is actually better in BVR as long as you fly with Human RIO. Flying alone.... well not so much you can do. It was designed as two seat fighter then its the way you should fly it. My 2 cents.
  2. For other games having 32Gb is ridiculous but not for DCS particularly in Syria Map (DCS High setting). I've been playing MP (inferno mission server) when many players joined it ate almost 28Gb of RAM.
  3. Or go to ED technical support and get a ticket.
  4. You know the rule Coxy, without a track you're not going anywhere.
  5. The last time that I know in DCS, you dont need trees to avoid radar detection from fighters as long as you fly below 70 knots, tbh I have no idea if ED made changes in the updates. In my experience in MP so far it was not easy task to track for example a Gazelle even though I could see it on data link thats why I also am not sure about how AWACS detection on helos. RWR is passive and cant tell you if you're being detected or not.
  6. Can you fly through it ? Whats the effect on fighter jet ?
  7. I have MSI B550 Bazooka but with R5 3600 and 3600 Ti. DCS runs fine with acceptable FPS at high setting (MSAA 4X). Depending on the mission it never go below 40 even in heavy populated units in SP and MP. It can jump to above 100 with less unit. I can now enable mirror in the cockpit, something that I couldnt do it with the old system. First things I did was install the latest BIOS from MSI and updating all drivers. I actually didnt need to reinstall Windows after upgrading from old Haswell system. Despite having 32Gb RAM I had annoying stutter but resolved it by excluding all DCS related fol
  8. I'm not a fan two seat fighter but for Su-30 I can make an exception lol. Day 1 purchase if Deka ever make it happens. Go for it Deka.
  9. I don't see any improvement with the latest update. I guess radar changed is intentional and not a bug. I noticed the radar is now sensitive to notch even little sharp manouver can break the lock (in TWS). TWS auto kinda weird and less reliable as before. Its harder to detect target in beaming and much harder in cold aspect. Honestly I have no idea if its more realistic or not but I'll be lying if I say I like it. I'm now trying to adapt and rebuild my own tactics.
  10. I also had annoying stuttering even after I upgraded to 32 Gb. I tried to exclude all of DCS related folders from my antivirus (ESET) real time scanner and it seems to reduce alot. Its still there but very little to notice.
  11. There could be few possibilities without providing a track. The missile could be just got notched and went after the chaffs. The AI with excellent skill known to be good at this. I could be wrong, I think the 54 uses same seeker API as 120 which ED updated a month ago AFAIK. It now has 15 degree cone search. If you can notch and break its lock then you can evade the missile. I've succesfully done this both in SP and MP against 54. It could also be the ECM bug (if its not already fixed, I have not tested it tbh) which any jet with blinking ECM could cause the ARH missile goes dumb.
  12. This bug is still exist. I wonder why...... Actually killing a Gazelle armed with Mistrall could be quite rewarding. Myself and many other had fall victim to this tiny little helo lol. Please take a look into it dear Poly.... Thanks in advance
  13. Lol... Yeah I also solved it by upgrading my old Haswell to Ryzen, GPU to RTX 3060 ti and RAM to 32Gb quietly without telling the wife hahaha.
  14. Fly level very low ....I mean really really low and bring multiple jdam (if its stationary) with pop up attack when you can get close or maverick if he's on the move. Its need couple of times sortie to sink her but its doable.
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