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  1. After completing thousands of hours flying the F14,F18,F16 and 50 hours with the Mirage and beating all challenges I just realized that I have reached the end point in this remarkable simulator that I tinked will never reach. Now Dcs has achieved great things simulating G forces and many variables that make the fly experience 99% realistic so what about if ED developers team starts to work on a space engine? I know that it must be really complicated to develop realistic space engineering and also get the blueprints of the orbiters, probes, satellites that NASA and other spacial agencies hav
  2. Hi, Im wanting to change the JF17 Cockpit Local point in views lua but when I modify the first 2 values (x,z) the cockpit stays on the same place!!! anyone knows how to move the cockpit local point? Admin Pls move the topic to JF17 sorry!!
  3. Dude Like really a dream come true becuase before February 15 I´ll be able to get the 59.99U$ to buy the F16 or the F18C...but also im intrested in the Mirage and the F5 so ill be testing them. To ED dinamycs team if you guys are reading this....Thank you very much and blessings to all of you!!!
  4. Does any one knows if there are going to be price discounts in Chinese New year (12 Feb) ?
  5. JRM

    Community A-4E-C

    Hi theres a way to add bvr to A4? I have su27 activated....can I use the su27 avionics on this one?
  6. Hi I was wondering if there´s a way to enable the su-27 avionics in the A4 comunity project? Im been triying to do this by adding the iine local support for cws in the device init.lua but only the su-25 avionic comes up and im a noob in lua scripting If anyone knows how to achive this pls write me to my email jtorrestrepo@hotmail.com. Thanks!!1
  7. Any way to enable or add night vision to su27?
  8. Ok tha action itself its called explode unit (in my game) but is the same thing that the one you have there (destroy unit) this works on my version but I ideally want a action that disapears the unit or that deactivates aircraft AI but no air unit appears when I select the last one.
  9. There´s something I must be doing wrong....gona rebuild then
  10. Yeah...problem is that when I chose that action there´s no avaiable air unit for this, only ground units appear on the selection list
  11. HI, I was wondering if there´s a way to make units disappear when they get shot either by guns or missiles...right know im using the trigger opt <Unit life less than 90%....Group deactivate (RED1)>, problem with this is that it doesnt make any sense to deactivate a full group when only a single unit is hit. I can´t find a trigger consequence that deactivates only a single unit of a group...Do I need to script this with lua? How do I do that? Anyway, I attached the .miz file of the mission. Redflagtraining.miz
  12. 5MUSD$ a Su27? welll that maybe because those Su27´s were absolutly deprecated for tasking...now I´m still waiting for someone that knows a answer to my question...actual price of a Su27 Combat Ready and maintenlance cost per hour (including fuel)
  13. Hi, I was wondering what is the current price of the SU27, wikipedia says that 75 m according to the last year inflation...is that correct? Also if anyone knows I would like to know how much it cost the fly hour in this awesome aircraft.
  14. Thank you....now talking about the home cockpit Im working on I know that my buttons, gauges, mfds and other things are not going to be directly linked to dcs f15 however (for me) this would be a good complement for my Fc f15 mod, and to make things clear if you haven´t figured out I´m not working on a PFM of the F15C, I tough I made that clear in the above title by saying "thinking outside the box".
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