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  1. Use the Collie hat for the DCS switch.
  2. When I disable these pointers, virtual hands work much better. Be sure you have them disabled in the options, they're very useless in DCS. They're not pointing to the same spot as finger and click on distance. The problem is, sometimes they remain active despite disabled in the options. I think this is up to DCS, not leap
  3. Forward the throttle to idle after the SEC light goes off on the caution panel. Works every time.
  4. By the amount of work going into it, I suspect DCE will end as a paid module. Which I totally support. So many mandays spent on a project should not be given away for free, IMO.
  5. DCS has always been a sim first and game later. Which means super detailed aircraft and weapons, but little on the campaign/fighter pilot immersion side.
  6. My personal suggestion would be Virpil, combo of Constellation Alpha L and collective base without twist grip. Three hats, a slew mini-stick and a few other buttons is just what you need. I'm still using T-50 throttle and Mongoos CM2 stick in an F-16 layout, that's what will have to do for the Apache.
  7. For me it's like the F-16. Even if some things are not yet developed it's just that sort of product you need to own. From models, '90s sims to popculture and real life, if you have a gaming computer and some interest in (military) aviation, this is a must-have. I believe this will boost awareness in DCS with general gaming crowd, just like A-10 did 10 years ago. Everyone knows how badass the Apache is and wants to shoot things with it. Non-simming crowd trying to figure it out will produce some hilarious vids, I can already tell. I hope large mainstream gaming chanels give it some well-deserved promotion.
  8. I'm using a T-50 throttle (one release before the CM2, but same grip design), and I really like the number of hats and various buttons in reach. I don't think it's possible to cram any more buttons to the throttle grips. China and boat switch are easily handled by two thumb hats, coolie and slew switch are also easily reachable with index and middle finger. Speed brakes can be controlled by 2 buttons besides the thumb hats. This throttle can cover any jet with buttons to spare. I've mapped rotary dial to steer point increase/decrease, very useful. In the F-16, one thumb hat can handle both dogfight/missile override switch and AA/AG modes selection. In the A10, another hat handles boat switch and nightvision gain, when enabled. Not being a replica is a big benefit, if you play multiple games or planes.
  9. To make it darker, reduce both numbers equally. 0 is black, 255 is full red, green or blue. You can try {0, 128/255, 128/255, 255/255} or {0, 200/255, 200/255, 255/255}
  10. I find turquoise/aqua shades to be the best color for the HUD. BMS has a few more colors to cycle through and I always settle on this one. Always backup the original file first, then change this line (number 383) in file: \Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_init.lua day_color = {0, 255/255, 255/255, 255/255} This gives you HUD in 0, 255, 255 RGB color. 4th number must always remain 255/255.
  11. If you want buttons, T-50CM has more than enough of them on the grip already. I would want more three-way switches, though. New panels are in, but again all the switches are two-way, not really useful for the F-16.
  12. It depends on the plane, really. I find Harrier much easier to use, than the A-10C. It only takes a little lean to read stuff for the tiniest of details, like the little fonts besides the buttons on the MFDs. A-10C map display is horrible to read for me (maybe it's the contrast), but the Harrier one is very nice. Same with the HUD. Everything is in bigger fonts, perfectly fine and without jaggies. Not everything is perfectly clear from the default position. I did expect a bit better clarity, but it's definitely not a deal-breaker. For example the ENG page. It has tiny letters and if you try to read that from the default position, there's a struggle. Lean in a bit around the UFC and everything is clear. It takes a little movement to clear and enlarge just a bit, to make it clearly readable.
  13. Told you :) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=84839
  14. I can comment on the #5 impression, my Kingston Hyper-X headset just reaches over the halo. Rift S with this headset is not an issue.
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