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  1. Ideally when a switch is pressed in the cockpit like e.g flap leaver you would hear a sound of the navigator confirming "Flaps Up SKipper" or if you switched over to inner tanks or outer there would be a voice command e.g "switching over tanks skip" etc etc etc I am having two issues if anyone can help. Im building a mission where other single aircraft are wingmen. so basiclly they are AI. They follow flight lead which is player however they trail on ead rather than getting closer untill the player is closer to target. I want them to form up close on lead all the way through and not just catch up at a certain point. I have e.g Wingman takes off and orbits = flag player takes off gains height and altitiude = flag which is the stop command to orbit and follow player ? should I use AI push? Or AI set?
  2. Thanks so much guys I figured it out here it is , I made a ton of sound triggers and various outcomes ! took me days to make but worth it to learn how to use ME Hope you have fun with it DEATH DIVE! -Mosquito Mission (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  3. thanks @AKA_Clutter I figured it out after hours and hours of research, Here is my first mission using various scripts and techy stuff. i recorded all the sound triggers to make it realsitic as possible DEATH DIVE! (digitalcombatsimulator.com) its a good question I dont think the devs have actually thought that through in a lot of respects to them tho, i found making a template and just using a late activation works when a situation is triggered to re spawn them
  4. DEATH DIVE! -Mosquito Mission Another sortie based from the commando comics. with over 60 sound files and many different situations that could arise thoughout the sortie. You are squad leader of a flight based out of Biggin Hill. No 109 Sqaudron. You will lead an attack on a radar site in Boulogne. Via using your F10 Menu options you will command your squad to perform various roles and tasks to comlplete the sortie. Mission File link on download. (I hope you guys in the community enjoy this ! please let me know if there is anything I should update or change to this) I am planning on working on about 10 single missions that can be imported into a campaign) all sound files are orginal and authentic, please do not use for other missions You do need AT88mm Mod to play this https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/233670-suntsag-lockdown-modsliveries-collection-new-and-revised/?do=findComment&comment=4272500 and WWII Asset Pack MISSION LINK HERE : DEATH DIVE! (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  5. I am trying to create a mosquito campaign . I want when the player leaves a zone that surrounds biggin hill , it will de activate ground units and AAA. When you return to the zone they re appear once you entered the zone. 2. I'm trying to create realistic wingmen and set up when you trigger various radio item menues they follow certain commands or fly to different waypoints or comeplete various tasks. is there anyway to find out how to do this ?
  6. as anyone figured how to bail out at sea and not die? or even just bail out of the aircraft? Many Thanks
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