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  1. Also note idle RPM is different between airborne and on the ground. The actual Hornet's throttles have a physical lock which prevents them being reduced to ground idle while in flight.
  2. Your opinion is not going to change what is already realistic functionality. If you want the speedbrake to behave differently, you'll have to figure out how to do it with your joystick's software or a third-party alternative. What you need is when pressing the 'retract' button for longer than a quick tap (0.2 seconds?), releasing it sends a brief 'extend' command. That should stop the retraction and hold it in position. Am sure it could be scripted with Thrustmaster's TARGET for example.
  3. It's definitely short-sightedness, my near vision is still good as close as 10cm. In the last couple of years I've noticed it's getting worse though, especially when corrected. Might soon be in the strange situation where I need reading glasses to hand when wearing contacts.
  4. Might be the case for you, but I'm short-sighted enough to lose focus on anything beyond about 30cm. Can't use a phone or read text off a page without holding it far closer than normal, absolutely no way I can see a keyboard or monitor properly.
  5. Someone else experiencing a sticky APU switch, and apparently only using a momentary button...
  6. You'd simply be replacing your glasses with the VR lenses. If you're considerably short-sighted, every time you lifted the headset to see the outside world (e.g. your monitor), you'd need to put your glasses back on. You certainly wouldn't be able to use VR while wearing contacts, it'd be the same as wearing contacts and glasses simultaneously.
  7. Yeah, I knew what the sync function was intended to do. Just wondered if there were some unintentional side effects. Only explanation I can think of for the OP's problem is that the switch isn't sending a constant input, but is somehow pulsed at a high frequency? It does seem unique, I've been around here for years and never heard of anyone having a similar issue.
  8. I just tested with the sync controls option enabled and it didn't make any difference. The APU still shut down as expected.
  9. He often mentions the 'A model' (for example when turning on the DDIs) so he flew an older one.
  10. Can't see how the tmc is to blame for that, the mapping for slew depress is 'SC' and it doesn't even appear to be there. Presumably it functions normally when not running a script? Slew depress and coolie hat L should be DX1 and DX6 respectively.
  11. Should be noted that a typo in the lua has been fixed, and instances of CPT_LIGTHS have been corrected to CPT_LIGHTS Kinda critical for anyone trying to copy and paste.
  12. Agree with the above. That could be doing more harm than good. A better solution would be buying a couple of case fans for the top and installing them so they push air out. As for the G2's power, I just pull the power lead from the break-out box when it's not in use. Not for the sake of screen-burn (it powers off automatically to prevent that) but I just get annoyed at a) MRP opening all the time, and b) the audio switching to the headset. The latter is really annoying because you can't prevent it without disabling the headset audio completely.
  13. In case you haven't found this already, you can disable the auto switching in the MRP settings...
  14. I didn't know the T-50CM2 could fool Target into thinking it was a Warthog until after I bought it. Was a great relief to find out it did, been working flawlessly with the Hornet stick. Calibration will account for any centering issues. Mine leans back quite significantly by virtue of a curved extension and the base not even being horizontal, but is fine when calibrated.
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