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  1. The problem was asking for this as an option is that you can't use an absolute axis to control multiple sensors in the way that the Hornet is designed, everything will get out of sync. For example if you were to use an absolute axis to change the radar elevation and then switch to the targeting pod, what happens with the zoom level when it doesn't match the axis position?
  2. I'd not used mine for years before FS2020 was released with no VR support. Quite enjoyed the nostalgia, and definitely has advantages over VR when using a second monitor or tablet. Not to mention performance, although that's less of an issue in DCS. Personally I hated any deadzone and got rid of them completely. To me it always felt much more natural for every head movement to be conveyed on-screen.
  3. Should you even be on glideslope at the 90? My impression is that you intercept it when rolling out into the groove and increase descent rate then.
  4. Like JayRoc says, set it to manual. Mixed Reality Portal will no longer take over the mouse when it launches. I just checked and win+y still works in DCS as well.
  5. The issue doesn't make much sense as described. You can't go 'full afterburner' (or any afterburner) without being able to select 100% dry thrust. Presumably 70% refers to the physical throttle position? Is it a case of the warthog detent not matching the afterburner position in-sim?
  6. The resolution is so arbitrary I wouldn't worry about whatever 100% is. Just set it to whatever value gives the best compromise between framerate and image quality. Re. DLSS, I knew when posting that Nvidia had announced VR support. Like you say tho, it being dependent on ED means I doubt we'll see it any time soon.
  7. Also similar to DLSS, it doesn't have any relevance to DCS or VR. Unless I'm missing something?
  8. In the Mixed Reality Portal there's this setting at the bottom of the 'headset display' options... I start DCS from a shortcut and WMR never takes over the mouse anymore.
  9. I tried that replacement face plate linked earlier in the thread but didn't rate it. It didn't appear to be any closer at the bottom, and I think the claim that it put your eyes 15mm closer to the lenses was very exaggerated. I downloaded the CAD model from HP and made a new one based on that. The profile of the face plate is identical but is 10mm closer all round, which should be evident in the pictures. Using it with my old Vive foam (which I've noticed smells a bit sweaty) but I'm really pleased with the result, FOV seems very much improved although I don't have any numbers to b
  10. The DDIs operate on ground power.
  11. Anyone know what causes the comms menu to continually appear and disappear?
  12. There was a thread a year or two ago about restrictions when landing on 03, something like staying north of East Lake Mead Blvd. So it does happen.
  13. I thought the delays affecting initial pre-orders were perfectly understandable, if unfortunate. The people shafted were those who pre-ordered later and still had no idea when they'd receive their headsets even though HP were selling them direct. Obviously not passing up the compensation, but didn't feel it was at all necessary in my case.
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