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  1. And prepare yourself for a disappointment if you speak to Damcopter, he is extremely negative toward the Gazelle - at least that was the case last time he expressed his discontent on this forum. On the other hand, you can find a British Gazelle pilot who shared his opinion with Casmo and said the module is a decent representation of the real thing (not really sure if Damcopter is or was an active duty Gazelle pilot but he sure is/was in ALAT). If you want to hear from helo pilots and the feedback shared by an actual Gazelle pilot, you should watch this :
  2. This is exactly what happened to me. I bought several VKB products since I went back to sim 3/4 years ago and intended to stick with the brand until I needed recently a new base for another grip. I thought that VKB was not selling bases anymore and had to go with Virpil. How was I supposed to know that I had to write an email to get a stand alone base ? That's conter-intuitive as it can be. What an odd practice for a business.
  3. Yep, several users on reddit already said that the original meaning was in fact missiles. and as Jojo said, ED had stated several times they intended to redo all the missiles behavior. I don't know what will happen with the 530D, but considering the Mirage is one of the older modules I'm not sure it will be one of the first to be revisited weaponry wise. We will see what and how ED handles the more prominent modules first, it will be a pretty good indication of what's to come for the Mirage.
  4. That's strange, I'm not experiencing this. Do you choose the outcome of the flight before saving it to the logbook ?
  5. This is, obviously, an excellent idea from ED. The "problem" from my point of view is the fact that the team is working on it and we have no timeline for this new technology. We know how slow they can be regarding major upgrades to their engine, it could be a few years away or a decade away ; we don't even know if the maps we actually have will be compatible with this new tech. Razbam is probably right about going for a single map right now. I'm not sure it's a viable choice to wait for this new tech in development.
  6. @Vibora Would you consider making a sticky thread where the team alone can post updates please ? It would be much easier to follow your updates on the project. Thanks !
  7. There has been some problems since the lighting update. I experience this problem too and the only way to "fix" it is to zoom on the landscape ; once the camera target a specific spot at close range, your TV will be able to display the IR sensor. At least this is how I handle the problem on my side.
  8. I've been flying the Gazelle with another fellow co-pilot on a regular basis since last August. We got the prompt window every single time. Polychop or ED probably fixed it months ago.
  9. Nice to see Combat Flite taking a more professional approach, it means more regular updates. Considering we've been granted access to the software for a while for free, paying $40 is not that much. These kind of tools are pretty rare in the DCS Community, I think it's worth supporting it.
  10. I'd love to see some love thrown at air to ground ordnance, these Belougas and BAP/BAT could be a real treat for Mirage users. Once, the work on the systems are done, a "little" extra work on these bombs would be the icing on the cake.
  11. Well, they said in the past they could not offer the original Crimean region because of politics. I guess this kind of restriction would apply to others markets they value or try to get into.
  12. I perfectly understand the reason behind this decision regarding a 2020 Mirage 2000C module simulation. But I can't help myself thinking about the vast majority of the missions I fly in a mid 90s early 2000s settings where this function could still be relevant. I'm also a little worried about other functionalities receiving the same treatment. Let's hope Razbam will find time in the future to round up the Mirage and offer all of her features. Thank you for taking time to investigate these issues with the SME(s).
  13. Thank you for keeping this mod up to date, greatly appreciated !
  14. Hi guys, Hoping that someone from Eagle Dynamics read this thread. It would be great to update the actual official manual to include the latest updates/upgrades on the Hornet. Apparently it's been a while since it has been done and I can't rely on Youtube videos to learn how to fly the module. Thanks
  15. I might be wrong but I think the key point here is the delivery of snake eye bombs.
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