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  1. Thanks, man that temp fix will work, until we here from VKB. UPDATE: Just got a response from fallout9 on VKB forum he stated; The screw is M3x8mm, even 10mm fits.
  2. The same here I looked thur my box and the accessory bags and could not find it either. Maybe someone from VKB can provide some information on this.
  3. I received mine today and I must say this is a great peice of workmanship, the weighted feel of the grip along with the new feel of the buttons, trigger and lever is outstanding. I really enjoyed my orginal MCG Pro, but this one is in a league of it's own!
  4. Outstanding! Just waiting to get my delivery.
  5. Fed Ex indicates Monday is my delivery day also, maybe a surprise early delivery tomorrow, hopefully.
  6. Same here hopefully, it will be delivered by the weekend.
  7. I received my set of the final version today (12/28/2020) and they work great!
  8. Thanks, I found it, I had to unmount it and found the S/N on the bottom of the plate.
  9. Yes, I was asking the same question. I have the orginal base with ungraded electronics, but don't understand this number they are asking for. I hope we get a response before they go on sale.
  10. Yes, I remember Jane's Longbow/LB2 very well, still have those disc . This will be a welcome addition for the rotor heads and a real game changer.
  11. Ok, that's a nice teaser, and the grip looks really intriguing. So now lets talk about when it will be available and price. Also, will there be a version for all bases(Mk.I,Mk.II andMk.III) and extensions?
  12. I started with the first Su-27 Flanker in 1995 running on Windows 95, been with them every since.
  13. I've also experienced this problem with the AGM-F65 the first four work great, but after I land and reload the first one is ok but the remaining three show black screen but will work is you wait for a while.
  14. I doubt it they normally release some information about upcoming products when they are close to their release date, so either they are slow with the info, or it's not close to release. And if they did release it you probably would not receive it until after Christmas due to the virus and holidays, maybe the 1st quarter of 2021.
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