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  1. So the solution how to use full range of HARM is to create a steerpoint aprox 20 nm ahead of known target in the same direction and aim to this point. I´ll try it.
  2. Hi, I used this period of tests to fly new F-14A, why is my favorite plane. I'm seriously surprised by missing of loft trajectory for AIM-54, which should be its default way of use for medium and long distances. In many available materials you can read about its climbing to level over 30km for cruising flight .... By fliing directly to the target it reduses significantly its range.
  3. Hi, i also had such a feeling, that su-27 is underpowerd. I did quite simple test: I let su-27 accelerate from brakes at full power to speed of 120 kts and measured the travelled distance. Then i switched off engines and after droping back to 120 kts I again measured the distance to full stop - this showed me the average friction and drag force. Then I did it again without afterburner. You are right my calculation showes, that the thrust at full AB is around 161kN (70%) and 102kN without (73%). I did the tests on OMDW airport (4,500m long, elev. 170ft, no wind, 15°C) I also think, th
  4. Hi, after last update, there is something wrong in AI refuelling. It seems to me, like the fuel goes out of tanker, but recever takes nothing - the result is, that it is connected for a very long time, until tanker goes to bingo. I stayed 20min in queue antil my bingo .....
  5. OK, so here is the track. Video file seems to be to large to be uploaded. AIM-120C.trk
  6. I´ve the track and also the video, but I don´t know, how to upload it.
  7. Hi, I've tried it again. The same result. Immediately after launch the missile steers to the actual position of target and then flies straight ahead until reaching active radar range. My model situation was like this: target - Tu-22 fliing from west to east at level 300, M0,9 - conditions set - not to react on threat, do not use ECM interceptor - F-16CM fliing from south to north at level 370, M0,9 2x launch, dist 21,2 - 21,5 nm according to display - inside maneuvering range Non of missiles reached the target. I´v recorded the video, but I dont know, how to post it here.
  8. Issues connected with radio altimeter: - altimeter active at very high levels (over FL350 ...) - value is not influenced by angle of bank nor angle of pitch
  9. I'll keep on triing. Maybe the jammer on MiG-29S could cause this. I'm sure, I've used STT. Thanks for all responses.
  10. I have a issue with using of AIM-120B. If launching it beyound its active radar range the missile flies straight ahead - it doesn´t follow the target - like there was no support from aircraft radar even if it´s in STT mode and target is locked. When launching from F-15 - there is no problem. Georgia scenario
  11. I've experienced the same with Mi-24s. Regardless to its weight it is damaged. One more issue - sometimes, when a flight of four hellos should start from 4-post FARP, there are only three of them. Sometimes there are all of them.
  12. Is there any chance to have separate damage model for missile louncher and missile it self? It is unreal, when shooting with 20mm API on BUK louncher loaded with missiles and it stays intact. Carrier is armoured but missiles arn't. Final explozion of it could also look diferent from the explozion of a jeep.
  13. Typical situation is CAP mission with F-4 or F-5. They have external tanks for longer endurance. If they are detecting target or radar signals from assigned area - they start to climb to hi level and accelerate at full power. With the tanks they are slow. They are dropping them when they get close and start dogfighting.
  14. IS there a way, how to force AI aircraft to drop fuel tanks if they are empty, or when the fighter needs to akcelerate to chase a target? It is quite sad to see them fighting with draq around Mach 1, if they are able to broke Mach 2 without them...
  15. Hi David, I´ve expirienced it with Il-78M tanker. It was send from Krasnodar to the coast of Sochhi for refueling mission. I switched off RTB when bingo fuel. Instead of it I set the condition for terminating mission by the angle of pitch ~ equivalent to weight at level flight. At this condition it flew to Sochi for refueling. I set 30min on the ground. After that it should fly back to Krasnodar. It run out of fuel some 5min after take-off.... Both airports belonged to the same coalition (RED one).
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