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  1. that's great. I was not sure at all it would but glad that fixed what you were seeing in DCS. I hope I'm not jinxing it now
  2. I have been working on the firmware for ATMega32UX devices (such as the Arduino Micro or Leonardo) in this repo: https://github.com/jmriego/Fino/ Most of the code online about force feedback firmware seem to have been based on the VNWheel repo so I'm sure you can reuse some of my code. I have tested every single effect and have all of them working as expected. I compared the results against a MS FFB2 for all effects, directions, axis, etc. so I hope this helps!
  3. Same here, I'm using a VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip and it's working perfectly It seems like the CLS-E base used to have issues with this specific one but they updated it and fixed it
  4. that's perfect. Anyway, with the last version I already finished fine tuning all effects and solved any issues so I can work on adding things that would be nice to have. I mostly fly propeller planes and I don't have the need to add further features to this so if anyone wants anything added here let me know and I'll work on that. I guess the two things that people have mentioned are: - more control over the different forces - add a damper to the movement let me know if anyone has any preferences here
  5. in that case I don't think you can do much more than that at the moment. Can you describe what you are trying to do? Let's see if there's something I can add to this program. I am not familiar with helos nor with DCS though, but looking at simFFB I can understand the options they have. I can either set gains for different types of effects that are produced in game (things like adjusting spring effect, damper effect, etc. that DCS creates) or I can make BrunnerDX use the DCS effects plus something else added on top. What I can't do is to generate effects that depend on the sim sta
  6. hehe no worries! You started using this before that button existed anyway. The only adjustment I have at the moment is the force slider on the options. That scales all forces, not just the return to center. I have been told that there's a good program to use for helos in DCS: That seems to have all kinds of adjustments for spring, damper, etc. Hope this is what you're looking for!
  7. Hi @heloguy! Since I created this program I have made some changes so it's a lot simpler now. No need to open Arduino programs, search for the .ino file or anything like that. That message is just saying to click on the "Upload Firmware" button. I'll change it so that it's clearer
  8. Also, are you referring to IL2 CloD or BoX? I had that exact issue in CloD and for me the solution was to get unplug my ffb2 but not sure if that's related at all to what you are finding
  9. oh and one last thing about CLS2Sim, you need to accept pitch and roll external control: That should be it! Let me know how it goes for you
  10. ey thanks for sending those instructions! I'll update the README so people don't see the Python method as easily and try the hard way
  11. you probably will get more familiar with what Brunner and CS can do when you spend more time with it. I can always modify this program to add some stuff, not really connecting to DCS, but things like adding configuration for dampening the movement or similar should be doable
  12. yes, that's it! It all boils to what's better, the effects that Brunner created or the effects created by the devs of the game/module you are playing? So it all really depends. In which for which there's no Brunner plugin, it's obvious this is useful (I use it for IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad). Brunner seems to create plugins with effects related to air speed, taxi, and engine rumble. They don't seem to add other effects from what I've noticed so far. From what I have read from other people using this, I thought Heatblur already implemented hydraulics failure and I think ground rumble as
  13. I'm sure you're going to love your Brunner joystick even more It would be really difficult to get the blend effects to work. The main issue is that CLS2Sim only allows marking "external control" yes or no. There doesn't seem to be a way to connect to DCS and at the same time allow external control. I guess the most logical way would be if the Brunner DCS plugin was open sourced so we can run something similar that blends with the normal FFB. Another option could be trying to make a device that CLS2Sim believes is a Brunner joystick but I guess for that we'd have to reverse engineer
  14. To me that has happened a lot when playing Elite Dangerous. Basically because there are many times in which you have to push the joystick at max deflection. What I did is lower the strength of the joystick by going to CLS2Sim and setting a higher hydraulics value. It seems to work but not sure if it's the best solution I have just uploaded a newer version of this tool that sends back to DCS the status of the FFB joystick. If we are lucky that might solve the issue. When I manage to get a GPU I'll do some debugging in DCS
  15. No worries! Glad to see more people using it I really don't know what might be causing this but I'm working right now on some changes to the USB communication. I found out that Windows was not receiving the current status of the effects. So it was able to play some forces but Windows didn't know if they were working or not. When I upload the new version you will see a link to it on the log window. I have no idea if that will fix this DCS issue but let's hope it does!
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