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  1. Back int day, I use to love playing: Tomahawk on ZX Spectrum here https://www.uvlist.net/gallery/?game=15320 Then on Commodore 64, Gunship by Microprose Then on Amiga, Gunship 2000
  2. Hi BN I voted no for the sim, for reasons of accuracy. However, if I was to play the arcade easy (MAG) style of the game...world is your oyster.
  3. OK thanks, hope you sort it soon.
  4. Hi @Eagle86 I am stuck at WP2. After the task to wait, nothing happens after that, you just keep circling until run out of fuel. To note, the CH heli also circles WP7?
  5. Hello Anyone else flying this campaign? I noticed, mission 1, I'm flying with Rockets x 19 on each pylon. There is no option to select them though in the MPCD. If I use the panel to select the pylon, the hud shows up as depleted? Am I doing something wrong? DAZ
  6. US are making some cash! The UK are also purchasing the AH64E in the Version 6 config, which is said to be the most advanced version.
  7. I remember being on the UBI website back in 2003 for Original Ghost Recon and seeing Lockon advertised, turned into an instant buy. I also remember talking to the likes of Stormin on the forums and logging into Hyperlobby. Memories!
  8. I don't ever trim the F18 (or the F16). The trick is in controlling the AoA E bracket and AoA indexer lights with steady throttle and pitch control.
  9. I cannot edit this post, only get option to report or share? Would like to edit my youtube link. Thanks
  10. Open up the X56 HOTAS software. Little rhino icon > click settings > click joystick > click calibrate axis. See if that works? Also, ensure you have no conflicts in Device Manager and you have the latest software installed. Alternatively, assuming you have Win10. Go to Troubleshoot Settings > Additional Troubleshooters > Program Compatibilty Troubleshooter > Select the X56 software and see if it finds any issues?
  11. Some of the older videos from this guy will bring you up to speed on the A10C systems ... https://www.youtube.com/c/gerryabbott/videos
  12. So in that video we can see the F15 RWR has picked up the 14 spike, which is good. If the 14 launched in TWS, there should be nothing extra on the F15 RWR. Only when the 54 goes active should a U then pop up on the F15 RWR.Is that the bug, no U?
  13. Think of it in terms of small, medium, big e.g. Micro (a day) > Meso (a month) > Macro (a year). Not... Meso, Micro, Macro, not logical is it. :D
  14. Cheers guys, will play around with it. It's bound to be an ID10T error.
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