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  1. Sorry Guys I have explained this before. This method is NOT accurate. The pics in the NATOPS manuals have been shrunk and skewed to fit the pages. Using this method provides a very inaccurate diagram to go by. What exact measurements are you looking for. Maybe I can help. Stang
  2. Hi Guys Pretty cool cockpit video from the F-16 Viper Demo team at 2018 Airventure from the USAF. I haven't see a cockpit video done like this before. Notice the "G" meter in the lower right hand corner. Little help please. Can't get this to post Thanks Stang out
  3. Just for the record, as I'm the guy that came up with the phrase... IT should be ready in,... three to four weeks. :thumbup: Stang out
  4. Not to speak for Jrsteensen, In the engineering world, you can have it Fast, Cheap (in this case free), or Right. Which one do you want? Really great (ACCURATE) engineering work, takes time. Stang out
  5. AWESOME Work, as always!! Really looks great!
  6. Thanks Speedywrx, Works perfectly! You Da Man! :thumbup: Just as FYI for others, I "DO NOT" have the Steam version so I'm sure if it works with Steam. Also figured out: Start the WMR App It starts the STEAM App. Then run the Room Setup in the WMR App and select the sitting position. Then I run the DCS Open Beta App I do have to take off my HMD and move it around (up, down and around). This fixes the locked position for some reason. Can't explain it, but it does. I still have to hit the #5 key to recenter in the cockpit, but all fine after that. I need to try saving my cockpit position and see if that helps. Now, I'm loving the Odyssey. Great visuals and I can read all the instruments. Has anyone posted a "complete" list of all the settings to optimize your HMD for the best image and performance? I see some of them spread out all over the forums. It would be great to have a simple list broken out by HMD MFG. Thanks for all the help Guys! :thumbup: Stang
  7. BigDuke6ixx You obviously have an issue with anyone who thinks different than you or offers a different opinion than you have. Personally, I feel everyone should buy whatever HMD strikes them as best. Attacking people because they don't share your opinion is wrong. Enough is enough.
  8. Never claimed it was Gen 2...although, show me a definition of Gen 2 please. It is a New HMD with a New Screen, New Lens and New Tracking that's better than the Rift of Vive.
  9. Not accurate. The Odyssey is superior to the Vive Pro in that they both have the same screen, but the Vive Pro uses the same Lens that are in the Vive. The Odyssey uses a much better lens with NO God Rays and "Virtually" NO Screen Door Effect. Thus the visuals in the Odyssey are FAR SUPERIOR to the Vive/Vive Pro. As far as the tracking goes, the Odyssey tracking works great. I sit for 99% of the HMD games any way, so the room size tracking is great if your a commercial business but not so much in a house or a small room. This is a great video that explains the differences between the Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey. ${1}
  10. The Samsung Odyssey is cheaper and provides much better visuals than the Rift or the Vive Pro. Microsoft store also offer student/military/educator discounts to drop the price even further. :thumbup: After using the Rift and Vive...I'd never suggest someone buy one of them. The Odyssey is just hands down a much better HMD every day of the week and twice on Sunday!
  11. Not making any progress with the Odyssey. Almost ready to chunk them! My sys specs i7-4790K at 4Ghz GTX 980 Ti Win 10 All drivers updated. Typically get 70 - 90 FPS in DCS Questions Please When I start WMR, it starts Steam VR. If I start Steam VR, it starts WMR. Both display a window showing what is seen in the HMD. The WMR window is in Landscape, the Stream VR Window is in Portrait. I believe this is causing the mirrored display error warning. How do I get rid of this? I tried pausing the WMR window and that didn't help. If I close either one of these apps, it also closes the other one. Do both WMR and Steam VR have to be running at the same time? If not, how do change the setting(s) that causing one to start the other? Does either Steam VR or WMR need to be running when DCS is running? (If I try to shut down either of them, it shuts down the WMR and Steam VR App and DCS). The first time I got into the cockpit in DCS, it ran OK, except that my eye position was not right behind the HUD...it was offset to the right about 1 inch. Using the "5" key resets the image but its still offset a little. The frame rate was OK, in the 30 - 50 range. The weird thing was that My eye position was locked in the cockpit. I can turn left or right or up and down....but can not Lean in, lean back or side to side? Ay ideas why? Now when I try to get in the cockpit again, the FPS is about 5 FPS. I tried clicking on the VR tab settings on the display page of DCS....nothing changed, still 5 FPS. Is there a Setting in the Steam VR "Developer" Tab that could cause this? I've tried several changes in that tab and I'm sure I've got something selected incorrectly. There is not a Default setting for Steam VR. Can someone please post their Steam VR "Developer" Tab settings? Thanks for any and all help.
  12. Hi Guys Need help with a Odyssey here please. With the Odyssey, can it be used with the mouse, instead of the controllers? I ask because, when I start DCS, it opens the WMR homepage and the Steam VR app. When I look in the HMD the DCS page is on the screen and the mouse cursor is slaved to the center of the HMD, and moving the mouse does nothing. I can't imagine you guys use the controllers (wands) when running DCS right? How do I get it to stop asking me to turn the controllers on? Also, how do I setup the Odysseys to use the mouse instead of the controllers? Last question, sitting straight in front of my computer monitor with the HMD on, I have to turn 45 degrees to the right to see the DCS page. How do I calibrate the Odyssey to face forward? Thanks for the help and sorry for all the questions. Stang out
  13. Zooming the Flight Manual will "NEVER" give you accurate dimensions. Here's the pic you wanted. I'm not sure why its not showing in the post as it has the image tags??? Hope it help The other stuff is HERE Stang out
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