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  1. Hi all! THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE! My engine seizes even being warmed up, gentle throttle. I am TRYING to fly Horrido and I cannot progress because the engine seizes after takeoff, under 25rpms. They also have a mission in Horrido where the engine seizes on purpose. This wasted HOURS of my life as I thought it was the same bug I am dealing with. VERY ANNOYING CAMPAIGN! I really do not think I am doing anything. If this was real life they would have never used the FW 190 in war cuz literally 1 out of every 5 takeoffs is successful. I will try to load a video of this but ti
  2. I might be uploading a video to show the problem. Does anyone know how to clean install a module?
  3. Hi Jack thx for response! Governor is auto
  4. Hello folks My engine keeps seizing on takeoff. I am using the throttle gently, and I have not had this issue before. I don't see any reason for this, the engine just slows down, if I lower the throttle it prolongs the dying by a few seconds and then it seizes. After a few reloads of the mission I seem to get a functioning bird. Granted that maybe a coincidence and I might be doing something wrong. WHATS GOING ON HERE!!!!??? Thanks Fang
  5. Hi, Does anyone have some more comments on this? I really need that display to be through the right eye instead of the left. It really is the only way I can stream DCS anymore : (
  6. Hi! Sorry I forgot to update. Deleting the file resolved this and assignments were restored as well.
  7. Hi. No my problem is WITH Oculus Mirror. I am hoping to get away from using that. Thasnk you for your response though! Does anyone know where I can look to try and mess with the settings myself? There must be a place to edit which eye DCS displays on the desktop
  8. I am hoping this is something simple but if not I am hoping someone can work with me on this. Let me preface this with the sitch. Up until recently I have done all my streaming through Oculus Mirror and OBS. Ocuulus Mirror allows you to choose which eye to display and a bunch of settings. As of the last 2 weeks Oculus Mirror has started stuttering and freezing. Unfortunately OBS and Oculus have nowhere near the same type of community that we have on here. I was unable to find a fix which means no streaming. Then I discovered I could actually improve stream performance b
  9. Ok thank you, Yeah that was what I was looking for. I will try this and report back. Hopefully doesn't mess up assignments. I swear sometimes those just disappear too on me (I switch aircraft and none of the older profiles have anything assigned. That's neither here nor there
  10. I was troubleshooting a seperate issue, did no changes to DCS just restarted my computer via hard shutdown (holding down power button). DCS will no longer load in either VR or 2D. In VR, it loads the hanger, in 2D it is a blank/black windowed screen that never changes. Repair does nothing. Maybe delete files? Help I'm really not in the mood for this today... Thanks Fang
  11. Thank you again Baltic Dragon! This campaign is really the flagship of the DCS world. When you combine all that DCS has to offer, voice attack, Viacom, Super Carrier, VR, you really get something not found in any other sim, past or present. I should know lol. Also about that patch you mentioned, if that is still available, I will gladly put it on my REAL flightsuit next to my F-16 HGU-55 flight helmet... or even better maybe on my flight helmet bag... I dunno lol! I look to look at it on my shelf now and then. I am so happy you guys read my post, I really encourage peop
  12. And boy does life have no purpose anymore! I did the entire campaign in VR and as a diehard Sim enthusiasts since Combat Flight Simulator, I have NEVER had anything so immersive and real! The amount of immersion and quality of the campaign literally is an experience unlike anything. I also own rival sims and Raven 1 now has me favoring scripted campaigns over dynamic campaigns. There is nothing like this thing. So much data to digest, so much detailed documentation and such great voice acting. This campaign literally helped me live a life long dream. So many times my mind would believe I
  13. Can someone please say something about this? I am stuck flying the same thing over and over again.
  14. Hey thats a good idea! I didn't know if that would work or not but I was wondering that!
  15. Thanks for the response c0ff. Good to know Eagle is out there listening and responding. I have have been really impressed with them as of late lol. This is why I own everything you got!
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