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  1. Yeah, I pretty much use PAL as well. The next best thing is to not lose lock in the first place. One thing you could do is dive so that the radar elevation is above...3 degrees I think, that way the Main Lobe Clutter filter will automatically disable itself. That way the bandit shouldn't be able to notch you, unless he's flying close to the ground. As for datalink contact altitude, the number you see left of the contact icon on the TID is the rough altitude of the contact. For example, number '2' shows that the contact is flying close to 20000 plus-minus 5000 feet, therefore in the
  2. Uhh....why though? With modern jets, you can't even see the pilot's skin color 99,9% of the time. Not even with pilot body enabled, Because they have their whole body covered. Not even in external view 98% of the time, assuming they take their visor off when the canopy is open, otherwise the visor completely covers their face. Rest of the time, you won't be seeing any skin on your pilot model, so the whole point is rather pointless. I get that you may want to feel represented, but you're basically asking them to make a seperate pilot model just so you could stare at it during external view
  3. That could be because the contact you're trying to lock on is not currently reflected by your own radar, but a datalink contact sent from another donor. Basically, it's not a radar contact, otherwise you could just click on it for an instant lock. That could be because the enemy is not inside your radar scan area, since you're using 2B sweep. This is why I prefer 4B with a 80 degree horizontal arc. Also, you say that it happens right after you engage a target, so I take it that the new target you're trying to lock is quite close. The closer you are to a target, the smaller is your radar scan a
  4. I changed my head position there to use the helicopter tail as a reference for the stretching, but the image in the default position still is stretched....or so I remember. I normally use VR, so my head moves around constantly. My head moves in Su-25T as well, but the image in that plane has always been normal. I took that image in the desktop mode(non-VR), to see if it is a VR problem. Wasn't a VR problem.
  5. The image in the mirrors is horizontally stretched out for some reason. The stretching decreases the field of view for the mirrors, pretty much making them useless, since the mirrors are small to begin with. Other planes don't seem to have this problem, only the F/A-18.
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