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  1. Somehow the beta-stable duality seems really complicated to some people, most of which probably do not participate in this forum. One out of 2 messages in the last couple of days in some FB groups were about how to install the beta version or “why is DCS not updating to 2.7”
  2. There’s clearly, for whatever reason, no willingness to fix this issue.
  3. Disappointed but expected. Too easy to find the needle in the haystack.
  4. Good it worked. Inside that DCS folder are your setting files. Probably in the future you’ll not want to delete everything as you’ll lose all you config files (key binds, graphics settings, etc) and then my suggestion above might s problem I believe it has something to do with full screen/windowed mode. Are you running a single screen?
  5. It happened to me a lot and read of many people with this issue. I seemed to have it fixed by opening the graphics config file in notepad++ and changed the value of full screen from true to false. It was a long shot and it seems it worked. I am not on my machine now to see the files and be more precise. Or you can try to rename/move/delete your graphic settings file and have it regenerated. When it happened I could hear the music in the background and the interface and menus are actually active. Many times I was able to guess/calculate where the “exit” button was and be able to click and close the game. I hope it helps
  6. Can’t the visibility issue be dealt with transparency? I mean, to adjust the transparency of the drawn vehicle depending of the distance from the point of view. Just found this video interesting , where did the SU27 go at 0:40?
  7. So many electrons bothered for nothing...
  8. Just for the "sport" of arguing, some people will twist what the others write so to fuel this absolute ridiculous discussion. From the second post, the original and very simple idea was distorted. This thread was not worth 3 posts, and look what it grew to... ridiculous. So blinded by their own concepts that cannot understand that others might have a different vision. So stupid, that "fun" is almost a sin. As if fun was opposed to realism. What do you play DCS for if it's not fun?
  9. :megalol::lol::megalol::lol: 40 posts and almost 1100 views. :doh::doh::doh::doh::doh: I'm dying :megalol::megalol: :cheer3nc:
  10. Seriously... :doh: I don't argue for the sake of arguing. Have a good one!!
  11. Sigh.... I never spoke about a fantasy facility. Sorry if my "fake" apron statement in the OP gave you that impression. Try please to be a bit wide minded, for a second. THERE IS A FRIKKEN AERODROME IN GAME, ALREADY DONE, ED ALREADY WENT INTO TROUBLE TO PUT IT THERE (TO WHICH I AM ENORMOUSLY GRATEFUL, SO MUCH, I WANT TO USE IT), ON WHERE NO AIRPLANE CAN BE PLACED IF IS NOT WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING AND ON THE RUNWAY. I DON'T WANT AN APRON. I DON'T WANT A PATCH OF TARMAC, I WANT A DEFINED, DIGITAL, INVISIBLE, UNOBTRUSIVE PLACE WHERE I CAN ADD A COLD AIRCRAFT IN THE MISSION EDITOR, START IT, GET TO THE RWY AND FLY AWAY. Where is the violation to realism there? What do you think happens to acft after landing and before departing on those runways? Seriously, this took a looooooot more time than it deserves. Got boring already.
  12. :megalol: I know buddy, I quoted to ADD on what you said. Written language sometimes betray us. :thumbup: I'm sure if we all could have a chat and a beer we would understand better what we want to say. Couple of links that I found interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib2SwbGb7h8
  13. I don't mind purists. But hell, I'm not asking to add Harpoons to the A-10. When you try to replicate real life on a computer simulation, a GAME, a toy, you need to compromise, think out of the box. What I propose, besides not being technically complex or complicated, doesn't take anything away from the purists. I thought so, but is not really a bug, rather a feature request. A very, very, very tiny one... like Mina strip and maybe others in the map. By the way, a Mig-29 can take off from there, if you dare to do something SO unrealistic.
  14. Seriously guys. ED put it there, somebody sat for hours in front of a computer to give us those small fields. And you're going all pedantic about real life. What I am asking is to define whatever point as a parking place. Simple as that. Being that pedantic about realism is useless. Get your minds out of the box and have fun. Have you never put a couple of tanks in the decomissioned crossed runways near batumi to blow them up? Do you ever care that it is not a mombing range? Come on...
  15. No. With all my respect, you're lacking imagination. I want one or two ingame parking spot defined, on the ground, by one threshold or wherever aircraft usually parks so I can start my mustang, taxi it to the runway and take off. Don't make it complicated. It's a very simple idea. And realistic. Unless you only like to start hot on the rwy. That's cool too, but not realistic.
  16. Precisely, that's why I proposed a "fake" parking position, somewhere, by the runway. I'm not sure DCS, has an "intended way to be used". How you and me have fun, might not be the same way. If, for example, I want to fly from there with my mustang, can't I?
  17. As the title says, at least at Mina, you can't start cold because there's no ramp. It might be a good thing to make a "fake" ramp or parking position by the runway to be able to do so.
  18. Isn't that what HDR does, simulating sun blinding?
  19. In one of the intermediate LODs, part of Moskva's hull turns with the bow cannon.
  20. Nope. Just tried it. The rpm lever changes the rpm even with the engine stopped. I don't know the internal works of it, I read about the system long ago and don't remember how it works. Being aerodynamic flow the force driving the propeller spin, the only reason for the rpm change has to be a change in the propeller angle.
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