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  1. I would think that is pertinent information to release before putting a module like this up for sale... Unless I've completely missed something...
  2. Is there a post or thread somewhere detailing EXACTLY how not having this module affects players in multiplayer?
  3. so today for sure... because OMG my OCD lol
  4. Yes I noticed this too... it seems to be off by default now. Im not a fan. R-Ctrl + R-Win + S to bring back.
  5. http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/aircraft/ussr/mikoyangurevitch/mig-29/gaf-t-o-1f-mig29-1-flight-manual-mig-29.html Pg 45: Throttle Pg 89: Control Stick
  6. Which canopy mod is it that apparently doesn't trigger the servers integrity check?
  7. Well.. then.. even if you ignore realism etc.. and take it from the standpoint of it being a game... there surely has to be some sort of standard? No one is saying it should be crystal clear.. but compare it to the other aircraft (some of which are also "dirty").. and you can clearly see the issue people are having with it (both in reflections and visibility). Then a dev actually throws in a super immature comment.... so professional.
  8. oh, get off your horse. No one has said anyone is wrong, I simply disagree on the state of the glass of a prepped aircraft in a game... taking into context the state of the other aircraft at ramp start. Yes sure, an aircraft thats done 3 sorties and was parked under a tree till your flight might be dirty... not one thats fresh from a hanger.
  9. Yes absolutely, the reflections are probably an even bigger problem than the dirt streaks and grainy filth effect. It would be great if ED could implement canopies that get dirty during flight (along with fogging)... but thats probably not gonna happen... I still maintain no crew would let an aircraft leave the ground like that.. never. Im not saying it needs to be a perfectly buffed to perfection canopy.. but geez.. someone cant run a cloth over that and some windex lol
  10. So in your 15 year past.. you never made sure the canopies were as clean as possible before a flight? To be clear.. im NOT saying perfect glass clean. Just not full of bird shit or whatever that is on the DCS Mig21
  11. Yes, thats right cherry pick one badly lit image and a single report of a guy putting extra hours on an airframe to get it to its inspection rate. Wow.
  12. You don't give your aircraft canopies a quick wipe-down before the pilots get in? Pilots dont give you shit about filthy glass? Im not talking about scratches and nicks, obviously that happens... Im talking about the black streaks of filth on the canopy.. affecting vision. They are too pronounced. Im not the only one that has complained about this.. its been a common issue for a looong time...
  13. With regards to the canopy texture... no pilot.. 3rd world or other would take off with that much filth on his glass. Artistic impression or not. Its unrealistic for an operational aircraft.
  14. I just bound it to the following: R-Shift + P = Forward R-Ctrl + P = Back They are available binds, ie not currently used elsewhere on the aircraft.
  15. I had this exact issue. Its like the torrents were downloading over and over and not patching the game. I fixed it by doing a repair (which put me back to the "previous" version and offered to delete files) and manually deleting everything in _downloads. Then reran the update, did another ~8GB of torrents and it appears fine now... and the _downloads folder has cleared itself.
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