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  1. I'm playing Operation pierced fury...only 5 missions in but it's really good.
  2. Hey thanks again for the thread MarvK. The yellow flash above is definitely what I am experiencing. I am only getting it on my spitfire in Normandy...haven't tried my mustang in a while but I'll give it a whirl to see if the same happens. I haven't had any problems on any of my other planes or campaigns.
  3. Hey thanks a lot MarvK! I really appreciate the information. I haven't tried my Mustang for a while....I'll try it and see if I get the same problem. Thanks again!
  4. Hi I'm new to the forums. I started playing the epsom campaign (sp) and I have done 2 missions and in both I am getting yellow flashes that are filling the whole screen just for a second and then gone. I have lots of other planes and campaigns and have never seen this in any other modules. I'm also not very techy. I was guessing maybe something wrong with my graphics card but then can't understand why it would only do it in this one module? I have a fairly new computer I7 with a 1060 graphics card. Any ideas on how to fix? Appreciate any help!
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