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  1. Swapping Black Boxes won't help, you'll have to find the connection issue. I'd suggest first to take the grip off, inspect the pins on it's bottom to see if they're all at the same level, wipe the 3 contact pads on the base stem with a cloth and alcohol and mount back your grip, pressing on it gently while tightening the fastener so it would make good contact. Recalibrate afterwards.
  2. Sounds like a poor connection, either grip to base or inside the base. What lights are on the Black Box when this happens?
  3. Just some residue from chromium plating finishing. Was supposed to be cleaned up before shipping, sorry about it.
  4. The ministick on the Gladiator NXT (and on all the other VKB grips) has 2 modes, swappable through the center push button: axes and POV. The axes could be absolute (return to center) or relative (hold position). Works well to have one mode assigned to view and the other to other control, like trimming. More about the ministick here.
  5. :)) That's actually a HAT switch (ministicks are MasterMode and GateCont) and here's a guide to program any button you want as Shift.
  6. Yes, you can, but I don't know what the 'pinky ministick' means... maybe indicate the label beside it?
  7. There are several ways to program the flip trigger. You could set it up in the Profile/Axes/Axes2Buttons panel. You could get on/off buttons on Safe and Armed positions (the button will be active as long as the trigger is in that certain position) by checking Safe and Armed boxes. If you don't want a permanent button, then check the Pulse box (this would make the button flash - turn on, then off when the trigger is reaching that position). You could also set up 2 other buttons by checking the Fire1 and Fire2 boxes; the distance along the trigger's axis where these buttons would actuate could be set up by their sliders. The flip trigger's buttons will take consecutive numbers after the first ButN is set up. In order for the flip trigger to work properly it has to be calibrated. Here's a video for calibrating MCG Pro/U and here's another one for adjusting the flip trigger.
  8. Glad to hear it's working now. Unfortunately it's not an easy thing to find out what's blocking the device; some people are completely fine running with those programs in the background, some aren't. Might depend on how much power the additional devices suck though USB versus how strong is the PC's power source. Thanks for the update.
  9. For some reason I haven't noticed the second screenshot you posted, sorry. I think something is blocking the VKB device; try to kill some background running software like Aorus, Logitech, Razer, Corsair etc. Also try another USB port (directly to computer preferred).
  10. Seems like you joystick is fine (don't worry about the second base showing up in configurator, as you could see it's inactive). The issue is on the game side; maybe you have too many devices connected?
  11. You'll certainly get a free replacement if you'd fill up a service ticket with your local vendor.
  12. Here's a guide for flashing and calibrating your device. You could skip the flashing part if you already did it, but you'll have to reset to default and calibrate, otherwise the joystick would act up in games.
  13. GunFighter MKIII is the base. What grip do you have - Kosmosima/SCG, MCG PRO/U, KG12, F-14? It is extremely important to have your joysticks and rudders calibrated (with the native software, NEVER use Windows' joy.cpl!!!).
  14. For the rudders do this: run VKBDevCfg as Admin, click on the rudders name in the blue device list at the top, then click on the Tools tab. Click on the large Default button, then click on the Test tab, then Axes1. Click the Start Calibr button and press on the rudders left and right slowly. When done press the End Calibr button and the rudders are ready to get assigned in game. The other device needs calibration too, which grip do you have?
  15. Are they both devices using the same Black Box? Each with their own BB? Are they calibrated?
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