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  1. And I quote: "we trust that the long wait will be worth it and we hope that it will be to your demanding expectations." Is holding ED to their promises now considered demanding? :pilotfly:
  2. At this point in time I dont care about repeating the same info and want to see progress? Whats so hard for some people to understand about "Actions mean more than words"?
  3. "We are freezing the production of modules" You guys said. Yet we see a A10C 2 update in the works, p47 variant, f18 and f16 development which is so slow we could just as well pause it anyway. RTS module? Sure sounds awesome but how about a properly functioning game? Mean while us VR users are sitting with horrid FPS for how many months now? What happened to working on the Core of DCS world and fixing the countless performance issues? Sorry for my blunt words but after the stupid amount of money I've payed for this game I'd say I'm starting to get quite annoyed with good reason. Wh
  4. Performance is absolutely sad at the moment, really wish the 2.5.6 lighting update never happened. Literally gained 1% better graphics and 100% worse performance.
  5. Just tested the new update, on worst settings possible. Played on a MP server with 16 online and got 30 fps just sitting on the ground before engine startup...
  6. Yup. But at the end of the day, I used to be able to play at medium to high settings even with game mode on before 2.5.6. So something is definitely wrong.
  7. Most SP missions are unplayable, all MP all unplayable. Main menu doesn't matter and in a single aircraft mission editor mission is 45fps but its drops if I'm low over the ground.
  8. I would but it makes the cockpit screens in the F18 and 16 basically unreadable without zooming in.
  9. Thanks for the advice but yes I've already gone through so many lists and videos and threads. I have even reinstalled my windows during this time and done all the optimisation again but with no benefits. Will just have to hope it gets fixed as it was 2.5.6 that made it unplayable at the end of the day.
  10. I will do the recent update soon and see if performance has improved as people have said.
  11. Hi BIGNEWY I have attached screenshot of settings. Ingame VR resolution: 1.0 SteamVR resolution: 120% (2208 x 2452) HTC VIVE Pro System: i5 8600k OC 4.7Ghz Gigabyte 1080 16gb 3200 Corsair Dominator Game on SSD
  12. Still no word on VR performance Hi all. I have really been missing DCS and really want to play it but it's rather pointless when the performance on VR is so bad that I can't see the enemy beyond my flickering, shuddering and shaking propeller... It's been months of this now and the only thing I've read about performance is for "high end settings" where FPS should be increased... I literally have to play VR at the lowest possible settings and is unplayable. This is with it 8600k 4.7ghz and gtx1080.. Can we pleaaaase have a word from the devs?
  13. The A8 got 'released' without a pilot body.. so who knows.
  14. Can we expect an update to the guide for the SLAM?
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