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  1. Thank you Rokkett, Off to try this right now, it is only slightly different to what I was trying, but the extra bits might just tip the balance I thank you for your detailed response Toni
  2. Actually, I am going to re-ask this question; 1. I have 2 x F/A-18C, me and AI wingman 2. Late Activation A-10C II x 4, all AI obviously. They have their waypoints all laid out for the, including attack specific units along the way 3. When the 10's activate, I want them to follow me until I get to my WP3, which is also right next to their WP3 4. Once I get to my WP3, or they get to theirs, or even a trigger zone, I want them to split away from following me, and resume their WP path from WP3 onwards, and just do as instructed from their own WP path Does that make sense?? Thank you Toni
  3. Hi Fellow Pilots, I, and my wingmen (F/A-18C) are flying, eventually through a trigger zone, where I want a group of A10C II's to activate and then go in to an 'Escort' mode, or I escort them, whichever When we get to a second trigger zone, I would like the A-10C II's to break from the 'Escort' and resume a waypoint routine, eventually ending up in an Search and Destroy mission with a certain radius Is this possible to do in the mission editor?
  4. Hi Tim, I literally just read my original post again before I got to your response and thought to myself that what I said did not make sense Yes, do not have access to it in the ME, but also would have been nice to get the information for the whole of the Waypoint System and FPAS etc, exported to some format that I could perhaps I could import in to a Macro'd Excel Document etc I am probably trying to reinvent the wheel, I just want detailed leg information on est. fuel usage, time for waypoints etc etc presented in some nice familiar document, Not looking to get it on Kneeboard. Perhaps just images of an in-grid format; Sort of like this, but pertaining to Fuel and Distances etc for my flight
  5. It all used to work perfectly, but I am now getting the same thing on the Radar, since I think the latest update
  6. Hi Fellow Pilots, I want to get more in to flight planning with the missions I create for myself in the Mission Editor. I want to be able to calculate total route length, estimated fuel usage between Waypoints, speed changes for waypoint eta's etc. Perhaps even Fuel usage at higher/lower altitudes. Obviously, there is the in-Flight FPAS tool, but that is not enough and I do not have access to it I am not sure whether this is possible within DCS. I also have a fully licensed copy CombatFlite if anyone knows if it is possible to do that in there Thank you for your attention Toni
  7. Hi Fellow Pilots, I am just creating a mission with a lot of enemy ground units that multiple flights are going to strike against. When we get close enough, 2 will just not shut up on the radio. He is calling out everything in Cyprus, or so it seems. Question - Is there a way to stop him doing that? It is very interesting the first few times in locating the enemy, but after 30 minutes of it, it becomes a little tiresome, and I lose focus and miss DarkStar calls etc Thanks in anticipation of a hopeful response Toni
  8. I am going to try and use this technique Apply an effect to a single stroke or fill You can apply effects to the text object as a whole, or you can apply effects to an individual appearance property like one of the strokes. Click the appearance row (the stroke) to select it. This selection targets the appearance so that the effect will only be applied to it. Click the Add New Effect button at the bottom of the Appearance panel or choose the effect from the Effect menu. Choose Blur > Gaussian Blur. Change the radius in the Gaussian Blur dialog box and click OK. Tip: Add more strokes to the artwork, change the color, reorder the strokes and fills, and apply the glow effect to give the artwork more depth. From this thread - https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/illustrator/how-to/create-neon-text.html#:~:text=By layering more than one,top of the previous fill. I will let you know how it goes when I test it after work
  9. Thanks Bailey, fairly sure I understand now I do have one additional question, do you know how to get the brightness of fluorescing element of a colour. I have put the values for the green, FLUORESCENT GREEN PMS: HEX COLOR: #08FF08; RGB: (8,255,8) CMYK: (97,0,97,0) but the colour I get is a really flat looking green Anyone know how?
  10. Hi Thanks, I already have the Master Caution, A/A and A/G. It is just trying to understand how to get the other ones, even with Bailey's fantastic post, I am still sitting here like a DumbA$$ staring blankly. I have a good understanding of the DCS Interface on StreamDeck, and have created a hugely detailed Profile for my F/A-18C, all of which is based on Device ID, DCS ID & Button ID, and not Keyboard Commands / Keyboard Strokes Please see the following link for that post re my Profile - I know it is just going to take one click in my brain and I will have it, it is just getting that click to occur. I struggle with some mental issues, and this is one of the side-effects Thanks for your ongoing support to a Dummy like me
  11. Hi Bailey, No not really. I will re-watch all his videos and see what I can glean regarding list_indication values. Obviously, I have managed to access data in the IFEI data, but there is so much more that I really want to access as I said previously If you have anything you can throw my way to assist me with this, then I would appreciate it. To be specific, I am also trying to find out other information in this thread I posted earlier today, before I got in to this conversation with you. So anything on that would be very kind of you Thank you
  12. Hi Bailey, As you can see from the following thread, I have watched all of Charle's videos and have made a very extensive profile for my F/A-18C So I have a pretty good understanding of the DCS Interface, and 99% of all the screens you will see are direct interface, rather than using Keyboard hotkeys/bindings, it is all DCS ID etc etc
  13. Hi, Thanks for your question(s). I am looking for say waypoint information, Fuel info, FPAS info, perhaps even information about Air to Ground Weapon configs, like the SLAM missile and what config it is set for, such as BOL, Low, Skim, Waypoint, Search activation miles, Destroy in miles etc etc
  14. Is there anyway to get this kind of information for the F/A-18C? Obviously, not all of it is relevant in a modern jet fighter, but some of it is and I need to know where to start. I have all of the functions and switches, for the most part, all using Charles Tytler's DCS Interface Any help greatly appreciated
  15. I am trying to find out how to get additional information that I have yet to find the information for. I would like to export things like all of the items I have highlighted with yellow boxes in the image attached/below I have a significant amount of information based on using Charles Tytler's great DCS Interface, and already have almost every single function mapped on my screens, I just want to create a lights summary screen, but I am looking for a little more info to create it Thank you anticipation of the usual great responses on all posts that go on throughout this forum
  16. You are welcome protea1 I truly feel for you guys/gals that might lose their money
  17. I remember when I first posted this warning to the community that I sort of felt guilty doing so. I know I was right to try and protect people as my logical brain would hope for the same from someone else, but I did not expect him to shut down his site completely I hope whoever you are out there, that you get your product or money back at least Ice Rhino
  18. Never mind, problem solved Thanks anyway
  19. Hi All, Over the last four or so months, I have been intensively training on how to use a suite of weapons on my F/A-18C. Through a different thread, I have found the location of the alleged file that contains the weapon configs for the aircraft, or more specifically, the customs ones that a user makes. I have removed all of the old stuff, by deleting the entire contents within the mission editor, and then I created a new set of configurations for my Hornet. This new set, did update the FA-18C.lua, see attached. however, if I open a created mission, or create a new one, all the old configs are still there, and none of my new configs are present. It just keeps replacing it with all the ones in the attached that are prefixed TC Please could someone help me, this is driving me mad Weapons that keep coming back (images in Mission Editor x 3) and my FA-18C which updates on entering and leaving DCS, but nothing actually changes in the file Thank you FA-18C.lua
  20. Hi All, Does anyone know how and where weapon profile storage is saved. I mean if I create a new Weapon Profile in the Mission Editor, where is the resultant file saved? Thank you
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