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  1. Hi Fellow Pilots, I have the ThrustMaster HOTAS Warthog units. In relation to the Joystick, I have both the original A-10C & F/A-18C joysticks. I only connect either of the actual joysticks at the point of using DCS World To protect the socket etc while I am not using either joystick, I am looking for some kind of fitted cover, screw on cover, anything to protect the socket. I know someone who has a 3D printer and says he will print one for me, if I supply the printer file. I have no idea in the slightest how to create such a file. So, my question(s) is/
  2. Hi Fellow Pilots, Is it possible to set your desired speed (ATC) via inputting a value in the UFC? Thanks
  3. Thank you both for you suggestios. I will try both now
  4. Apologies for not thanking you all. I was in Surgery and could not get to PC to read all of your sugestions I sincerely thank you all IR
  5. Hi Fellow Pilots. Obviously in the Mission Editor, is there a way that I can be the second plane in a flight group, so I can practice close formation flying? Thank you
  6. Greetings Fellow Pilots, Is there a way for backing off the TDC sensitivity. I find it difficult to move around the radar with any great precision. Ideally, I would like to back it off 75 to 50% Is this possible to do in the Sim? I am not using TARGET scripting if that is at all relevant? Thank you
  7. Hi Fellow Pilots, I have changed all the background on my menu, and on the loading screen, although it only displays until the progress bar screen appears, and then it defaults to a sim one, with clouds I think. I want to change most of the screens to custom ones, but I can find no guide on how to do this. Just as a quick couple of examples, I want to change the background on the 'Mission Selection' screen, the whole 'Mission Loading' screen. Does anybody know where I can find such a guide, or if it is even possible to do, which I am sure it is
  8. Hi All, I am trying to find the distance between the top of the two vertical stabilizers. I have searched various measurement sites, but can't find it. Anyone got any ideas what the distance is, or where I can find it. I believe the angle of each is 23 degrees off vertical, but I am sure the distance is probably work-out-able, but I can't work out what maths formula to use Anybody? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Fellow Pilots, I have a question, obviously! I am just starting to use the excellent TIR5 Profile of SpudKnocker, but there is one thing I want to change. It there a way to limit the range/degrees that the profile will action. If I move my head up, it does a 360 degree about 3 times over and over. I would like to limit it to stop the first time it gets to say 90 degrees, or 120, whatever, not 1080 degrees. Same goes for right and left, I only want it to go to the range that a normal head would be able to turn to, which I think is about 170ish degrees. Thank you in anticipation o
  10. I am up for paying for it. Probably even the basic version. I can run it on my MS Surface with an Andriod Emulator like NOX, or whatever it is called I guess a problem might be that if you charge for it, then you would have the responsibility of officially supporting it, and with that, it becomes more than a labour of love
  11. Hi All, I am just starting to look into Helios as an option to use on my MS Surface, network linked to my main DCS rig. I want to do the main design part of what will end up on the Surface, on a different PC. Is there a way I can create a custom monitor resolution, that of the MS Surface, on my design rig? The monitors I use on my design rig are all lower resolution, but way more convenient to do work on than the Surface I hope that all make some kind of sense??
  12. I have triple screens, although I only use DCS on my center monitor in conjunction with TrackIR Thank you for the link to the manual. I do not really want to use it to be honest, I want to get my surface to use as the MFD's. I have another thread somewhere asking about that. I am also looking into Helios I think to see if that it an option for me Thanks
  13. Cancel my question, just found Subscribed threads Thanks Anyway
  14. Hi Fellow Pilots, Is there a way I can quickly jump to the posts I have created so I can see if there are any answers to my questions? Thanks in advance
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