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  1. BTW, we have no chance to compare both in DCS. Dassault doesn't like to communicate much on its aircrafts. An old M2KC as fyable is already a miracle... And as a lot of people here pointed out, SPECTRA is one of the main strenght of the Rafale. Don't expect any data on it... We know it can focus a jamming in a precise direction in the enemy radar frequency. It can create false contact making think the Rafale is elsewhere. But there is no way Dassault will explain to a module maker how it works, nor any possibility DCS can recreate that. "Classic" ECM is still a joke in the sim (even if ED try
  2. Hi! I'd like to create missions with this superb A-4. Do you know when it was retired from the Navy? Is Tomcats escorting A-4 a realitic scenario? Thx
  3. Just took the F-16. Very good acceleration but it gives 0 sensation... Hornet is more enjoyable. But need a 3rd engine
  4. Oh thanks, I thought it was retired. I only see pictures with AMRAAMs.
  5. Hi guys, I enjoy creating missions using several time period : 80's, 90's, modern,... In order to equip planes with real ordonnance, I was wondering when the Sparrow missile was retired fron USN / USAF ? We can load Hornets with stupidly draggy (and unrealistic) 12 missiles configuration. But IRL, what are the real payloads? I usualy carry 6 to 8 missiles. Thanks !
  6. Hi! Great job! Any plan for the amazing Mirage F1CT ? One of the most capable ground attack aircraft of its time :)
  7. Several false assertion in this article : - M88 is underpowered : no ! Maybee for the Typhoon, but not for the lighter Rafale with a 1.5 weight/trust ratio. - M88 is the reason France leave the Eurofighter program : no! We left because Eurofighter couldn't be navalized and we wanted a versatile aircraft, not a pure interceptor - MICA Range 20 Km. No ! Of course, true performances are a big secret but range is expected to be similar to AMRAAM. True things : Typhoon has more power and may have the upper hand in hi altitude hi speed flight. So if Rafales and Typhoons go straight head on at
  8. Thx! Using the video and your tips I managed to improve my performance above Syria without loosing too much details :thumbup::joystick:
  9. So you recommand to select max performance? What would you change ?
  10. Hello. I changed bombardment for pintpoint strike and now all is working. At last for my flight as SEAD still broken (1 aircraft fire, no the other) and 1 of my 2 F-15E only bombs target. But at last, from the player point of view, illusion is OK :)
  11. This video was really usefull for me : Now I can play the map smoothly. Negative point is that I had to lower quality regarding to what I have in Caucasus or PG.
  12. Oh, OK, thx. I thought it was a diffrent option when choosing group actions on the IP. :thumbup:
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