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  1. Hello Pilots. I am trying to suppress the sound (Minimum Speed, Bingo fuel ...) that we hear in the cockpit. I use an EFM model. Do you have an idea to remove these sounds? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello pilots. More details and pilot added.
  3. Second livery (not finished) Adding details ... What do you think ?
  4. Hello pilots. Smoke added and first flight with the Red Alpha pilots.
  5. Basic model in DCS with the first livery.
  6. Cockpit V1 (not finished) :
  7. Hello Pilots. I work on a PC-21 mod for a few months. In this project, I realized the 3D model, the textures and I made the integration in DCS WORLD. The mod is not finished. A public version will be released but no release date is communicated for the moment. Facebook : https://facebook.com/PilatusPC21France Tell me what you think of the images.
  8. Ok. Thanks. In the settings of "Bitmap Parameters", I put Mono Channel Output on Alpha and Alpha Source on RGB Intensity for the diffuse and for the opacity map?
  9. Ok thanks but I don't know what I have to select in "Material". (Glass, color, default, mirror, phosphor ...) ?
  10. Hello, I use 3ds max to create the 3D models and I would like to know how to set up transparency with an opacity map for my propeller. I am using a diffuse map and an opacity map but I do not know if it is correct and what attribute to put in the Material Attributes of EDM Tool in 3ds max. I don't use photoshop. DIFFUSE MAP : OPACITY MAP : Thanks.
  11. So I need to create an unused argument, assign it to my propeller animation and declare it and program it in a script. Is it right ?
  12. The animation works with the 40 argument but only on the AI.
  13. I looked at the P-51 and it's the arg 407 for the propeller but nothing turns into play while the other animations work.
  14. Hello Pilots, I realize a plane with a propeller and the problem is that I can not animate the propeller. I did an animation with the arg 407 (360 degrees) but nothing turns. Do you have a way out to rotate a propeller? Does anyone have a more recent argument list than what is currently on the forum (version 1.X list). Thanks for your help.
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